Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hanging out at home

This week we have just been hanging out around home - I am feeling congested (not sure if I have a cold, or it is just from the wind), so there is nothing real exciting to post, except today we had lunch with Auntie Carla at Olive Garden and last night Heather and Sierra came to bring all of our mail so we got to see them - unfortunately I didn't think to get the camera out last night when Heather and Sierra were here, but I did take it with us to Olive Garden when we met Auntie Carla....
Meeting Auntie Carla at Olive Garden

The cutest/sweetest little tiny foot!
The beginning (or end) of a smile!

Her little shirt says "Whooooo's the cutest" - I think I know :)

She also loves to lay on her changing table and kick her little legs (almost caught a smile here)!

Asleep with Daddy, Yancha Bozu now looks for Peyton when she isn't in plain sight or he has been outside....

A princess in her bath - in Japan they 'wrap' the babies in these gauze like cloths so they don't get scared.....so we bought one with cherry blossoms (of course) on it while we were there, I think it keeps the babies warmer.

Taking a bath

Now looking up at the moving mobile


jill and ryan said...

i love all the pics! you are so good at keeping up on your blog. i think my favorite is in the bath with the ducky perched on top of her haha! i was wondering too what the doggies thought of her...i bet they were dying to smell the baby! peyton looks very much at home already :)

Misty Clark said...

She is just too cute! I can't believe how full her little cheeks are getting too. I just want to squeeze them! Love all the photos and keep them coming :)

Aunt Carol said...

Love reading about you and Princess P!

Kai said...

Sakura is sooo cute!!! We totally relate to your feelings of leaving Japan too. It's such a life changing trip, I think you do leave a part of your heart there and will always feel a connection to everyone who was a part of the amazing journey to get your baby. :)
By the way, like Belinda, we're really close to South Coast Plaza too so please let us know if you need or want anything from there!