Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Little Princess

Today we received more pictures of our little Princess!

Sakura-Chan and Manami

This one was taken just yesterday....isn't she growing? Look at those cheeks!


demetrisfamily said...

OH! Look at those adorable cheeks! I'll bet that you can't wait to plant kisses all over them! Another great photo with Manami. Not long now and Peyton will be in your arms forever! Also, great pics of your shower from Saturday! Your princess has everything that she needs and more - no doubt about that! What a beautiful and unique cake, cupcakes and pretty diaper cake!

Misty Clark said...

Sakura-chan is filling out quite nicely :) Just like Kumi-chan. She is so beautiful and we can't wait for you to go. I love your shower pictures! How wonderful to have all your family and friends there to help you welcome sweet Sakura into your family.

beem221 said...

Aww, Sakura is such a cutie, and I love those cheeks! Awesome baby showers - she is going to be one, superloved girl! I'm sure you're just counting the days til you leave. It's not long now, you must be soooooo excited!