Friday, September 14, 2012

Surgery for Sakura

Well the day had come .... as much as I dreaded it and tried to "wish it away", it was here.  We got up early, we had to be at the hospital at 6:00 and we had about a 30 minute drive (factoring in traffic).  We arrived at the hospital and got Sakura all checked in and then took a seat in the lobby waiting to be called back.  While we waited we read books, played games on the iPad and had snuggles.  The lobby of the Children's Hospital is amazing just as the staff is.  Bright colors, Children's Shows on the TV, a play area, books for kids, etc..... and NO eating or drinking in the lobby - as they describe, the patients arriving for procedures are not allowed food and drink, and they don't understand why they can't have it while someone else can - so NONE.

It was our turn and we got called back - the nurse took Sakura's stats, and while she was doing that the anesthesiologist came in to evaluate her as well.  He was an older guy, said he "only had 30 years experience".   :o)  Amazing!  He pulled out a bag of probably 50 lip smacker lip glosses and had Sakura sniff each one - then he asked her which her favorite was ..... she chose Strawberry Banana.  He took the lip gloss and rubbed it inside of her mask she would wear during surgery so that she would smell exactly what she wanted.  I thought that was incredible!  Make her a part of it and calm her fears!  Within a few minutes of him leaving the Dr. came and talked with us for a few minutes.  She assured us that she would take great care of Sakura and again explained the procedure, marked Sakura's forehead with a purple marker above each eye and she left to prep for surgery.  A couple minutes later the nurse appeared, but alongside her was the sweet anesthesiologist and he asked her if she was ready and picked her up carrying her to the OR - they had told us that the nurse would come and get her when they were ready, but the sweet anesthesiologist insisted and whisked her away.  Sakura was SO GOOD, she never cried, as I thought she would.  They said the surgery would take about an hour.

We sat waiting, trying to "entertain" ourselves and not go crazy.  Well an hour came and went, her surgery took almost two hours, but the Dr. came out and said that everything went well and Sakura was in recovery and they would be coming to get us shortly.  She explained what she did, and then said that she HAD to tell us how precious Sakura was.  She said that when they were administering the anesthesia she folded her hands in her lap (on her own) and sat there like "little angel", even when they laid her back once she was asleep she kept her hands that way - the Dr. said if it wasn't against the law she would have taken a picture of her, it was just precious.  A couple minutes after the Dr. left they called us to go back, Sakura was still very much asleep but she was crying and crying - but the recovery nurse was cradling her - and gave her to Mommy to take over.  THAT was the worst part of the entire ordeal, was just when she was waking up crying and crying.  We left soon after and expected Sakura to sleep most of the day (per everyone at the hospital) uh NOPE not my kid - she was wide awake and barely slept all day.

SUCH a good patient and brave girl, we could not be prouder of Sakura!

Update: Sakura is completely healed and it is already apparent that her eyelashes now turn downward.  Surgery was successful!!!

Healing up nicely!  Our gorgeous girl - we are SO proud of you!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kariana's Birthday Party at Saddles of Joy

Sakura was SO excited to go to Kariana's birthday party.  Kariana turned 4 and celebrated at Saddles of Joy!  What a FUN party, we had a great time riding horses, eating pizza and cake, and most of all celebrating such a special friend!

Our little cowgirl ready to ride!

Sakura loves Alicia (Kariana's sister)

Taking time to pet the MANY kitties!

Getting ready to ride!

Go Sakura!

Enjoying her ride

Side saddle

NO Hands Mom ... and BACKWARDS!

Beautiful birthday girl - Kariana

There was even a petting 'zoo'

It was quite hot out, Sakura was melting, BUT we had a wonderful time!