Thursday, September 30, 2010


Sakura snuggling Mommy - I snapped this with my phone and thought it came out pretty cute!

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall weather = Park weather!

Since the weather has been nice in the morning for the last week, I decided to brave the park with Sakura. She LOVES (if there was a stronger word I'd use it) to swing and she was super excited when we got out of the car and headed toward the picnic table for a bite before we played. She spotted the playground and said "Weeeee Weeeee Weeeee". Yes, it melted my heart. So we sat at the picnic table enjoying our pumpkin muffin tops that we picked up on our way, then it was off to swing and play. Sakura would love nothing more than to swing the day away - maybe she'll get a swingset for her birthday? We'll see.

Pumpkin muffin tops are delicious!
Let's Go Mom!

Almost running to the swings (note she's got her sunglasses in her hand).

Swinging - Weee, Weee, Weee - Sakura said it over and over.
As you can tell by that smile, Sakura truly loves to swing!

Now with my sunglasses!

This picture cracked me up!

This time Sakura walked in herself - bittersweet! It's amazing to see how much she has grown and changed in just a couple months - the last time we went, she was barely toddling - now she just about runs in...she walked up and down the different areas as you'll see below.

Looking around, what should we do?

Climbing is always fun!

This way...

She stumbled a bit and she does NOT like stuff on her hands, had to pause to get the dirt off.

Leaving the playground.....

Is NEVER fun! Ugh - sorry Sakura but it's getting hot outside :(

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hair Cut .... just a few bangs

I've debated and debated and it came down to the final seconds until I could actually make a decision...and Sakura got a few bangs in the end.... it's almost time for Christmas pictures so we figured we'd go with a new do for Sakura :)
In true Sakura fashion, she was great for her haircut, observing everything being done, sitting still through the whole deal. As always we are quite proud of our little cherry blossom!

Big Girl ready for her haircut!

Our cutie-pie in a cute car cape ready to go.

Hmmmm, what's going on here?!

Daddy catching the hair

SO...What do you think?!

A little blow dry even.

SO pretty!

Thanks Auntie Becky for my haircut!

Then we went to dinner at Burgers & Beer before heading home for some of Sakura's favorite....
Queso Fundito! YUM!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Sure doesn't look like it to me...but Sakura slept just fine!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun with cousins

We had an enjoyable time with my nephews and niece here. Since they live in Tucson we actually get to see them and Sakura loves spending time with her cousins.

Sharing Katie's iPod!

Time for pizza - Sakura gets right in there with the big kids. She loves them very much and hates to see them leave.

Enjoying a cracker at the pizza place.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Girly Girl?

Sakura is a girly girl....we think :) She LOVES these beads and wears them all the time. She finds them in her toys and puts them on, she'd wear them all day long....but if you look closely at her beads there is a tag on them....
Sakura wearing her pretty beads.

She even watches TV with them on :)

Need a closer look at that tag I'm talking about?????

LOL - so is Sakura really a girly girl?

Dean and I got these beads a few years ago at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Dean had them in his office and brought them home several months ago, knowing that Sakura would love them!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Big Swirl

So Thursday I went to Verizon to have my new phone activated and transfer the contacts, when we got there, I heard Sakura saying "Mmmm Mmmm" - I just figured she must be hungry or something until I got her out of her carseat and I realized that she thought we were going to The Big Swirl that is a couple of doors down - Oops! We didn't stop then, but today we went.
Sakura has it all figured out - she "runs" right to the bowls and heads over to the pumps - it was pretty funny.
Luckily they have non-fat, otherwise I think we'd all be gaining weight!
Here is Sakura headed to the pumping station ......


All done!

Friday, September 17, 2010

laughing at zakk

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Little Helper and OUCH!

Yep it's true - Sakura is quite the little helper around the house...
I'm sure it won't last forever so I'm relishing in it :) LOL!
She got this adorable dress from Auntie Jill and I was trying to get a cute picture of Sakura to send to Auntie Jill - which wasn't easy, she was moving moving moving!
I did get a few cute ones though. Sakura says "THANKS for the dress" Mommy says it looks super cute on me!
The other night I was watching TV in the living room and Daddy was in the bedroom - Sakura was in the bedroom with her Daddy - she came strolling through the living room, went to the garbage can and threw something away - I didn't think much of it, figured Daddy asked her to throw something away for him. A few minutes later here she came again - same deal, went straight to the garbage can, threw something away and briskly walked past me and said "Bye" - I laughed. I asked Daddy what he had her throw away, he looked at me in puzzlement....our little helper is finding things to throw away on her own I'm afraid. I'm not exactly sure what it was, I sort of looked but didn't see anything. Wonder what else she's tossed?

Mommy trying to capture a cute moment - as you can see the doll was 'dancing'.

Yesterday we were out running errands - Sakura got a new toy organization shelf - LOL - I hope it helps organize her toys!

Here is the little helper throwing away some UNused Kleenex!

On a mission - to get MORE! Ugh!

Sakura being silly!

Right after I finished snapping a few pictures, I put Sakura down for her afternoon nap. About an hour after putting her to bed, we heard screams from her room, I figured she didn't go to sleep at all, which she probably didn't - but when I went in to check on her, she had her leg STUCK in between the crib rail - I'm not sure how she did it, it's never happened before, but it took both of us to get her free and she was NOT happy - Poor Sakura I'll bet she has a bruise by tomorrow!

Friday, September 10, 2010

San Diego Zoo!

Today Sakura and I ventured to the San Diego Zoo to meet up with Jill and Camden! We enjoyed a 'girl' Daddy's I mean...and of course sweet baby Camden - I should say no BIG Boys allowed :) LOL! It's always nice to have a girlie visits, the babies don't care if we enjoy girl talk, but the Dad's get bored with it real quick!

It was kind of funny, as soon as I pulled into the parking lot at the Zoo, Sakura woke up and said "MOM"...I said "Yes?" She said "Dada?" I told her no, Daddy isn't here. She's funny how she 'addresses' you now - definitely "Mom...I have a question tone".

While we waited for Jill and Camden to arrive we hung out by the Flamingos. With each 'animal' Sakura would get upset - she didn't quite understand there were more, and thoroughly enjoyed EACH and every stop....often complaining when we'd leave.

Sitting patiently....

Trying to get a closer view!

I am FREE for a few - it's not a great thing to take Sakura out of the stroller right now - at this age, which I think is totally normal, she protests when she has to go back in - which she did every time we got her out! Ugh!

My beautiful little girl watching the flamingos

Here she was actually waving to them --- and saying HI!
Jill and Camden arrived and our first stop was the petting zoo!

Hmmm, these don't look like my dogs?!

Jill and Camden petting the goat

Sakura refused to pet the sweet little brown goat above, but she did pet this white one - Jill assessed that it might be because our dogs are white? Interesting, hadn't thought about that, but probably pretty accurate!

Our Little Primates!

Sakura picked up on the "E-E-E" sound right when I told her, and kept repeating it. Too Funny!

LOVE the Koala's
Aren't they the CUTEST!

I think this one was saying "Hi Auntie Misty"!

I LOVE giraffe's - they are one of my very favorite!

There was even a BABY - HOW adorable is that???

Sakura with the giraffes

And we saw camels too

One has CRASHED and one is wide awake! I figured Camden would crash first since he's younger, but he had other ideas..

Sakura crashed hard!

Another of my favorites - the Panda's - oh so adorable!
I have always loved these guys - here is Bai Yun eating away on bamboo

More of Bai Yun

And more....I can't get enough of their adorable faces!
Next stop (the hike to the pandas was brutal!) Jill and I headed to the aviary where we were able to sit on the benches, it was so nice and cool in there, and just chat - what more could girls ask for :) We enjoyed listening to the birds chirp away - these guys were right across from us, aren't they sweet?!

Lorakeets having a snack

I think these were Lorey's if I remember correctly from the sign, the colors were SO brilliant!

One more fav - the sea otters - they were romping and playing it was hard to get any shot of them not in the water.
Goodbye San Diego Zoo...Goodbye Jill and Camden - we had a great day visiting!

Sakura and I left the house about 7:45 and got home after 8:00 p.m. so it was a long day, but well worth it. Sakura was a complete ANGEL in the car - no fussing, crying or anything, she was an awesome little trooper. She did sleep about 40 minutes on the way there, just before we got to the zoo, but no sleeping on the way home - she had zonked out in the stroller just before we left and I will admit that made me a little worried, but she was like I said, an ANGEL all the way home - her only complaint - she missed DADA! Half of the drive home, she kept saying "DaDa"...