Friday, February 22, 2013

Dr. Amon and Turning 4

Sakura turned 4  on Feburary 4th so today it was time for her Dr. appt.

Crazy as that sounds it's true!!!  Sakura indeed turned 4 and had her 4 year old well check and SHOTS today :(  That's the UNfun part of getting "older" ... 3 shots poor little kid!  I am ALWAYS eager to see how she is doing physically and in true Sakura fashion she is sticking to the 25% for height!

Sakura is now: 

38" tall
35 1/4 lbs

Dr. Amon said that Dr. Crawford had a little formula he used and if his formula is correct when Sakura is an adult she should be around 5'3" ... time will tell!

Here is the recap of Sakura's visit:

4 year olds get their eyes checked first!

 Then it's time to check your ears

Then we found out how much she'd grown! 

 Then it was time to see Dr. Amon who checked everything out!

 Then it was time for the yucky stuff ... 3 shots!

But the reward was AWESOME - Doc McStuffins stickers!!!!  
Dr Amon knows this girl and that's why we love her SO much!!!
 Last year vs. this year stats!  Yep Sakura is growing up!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

4 YEARS OLD and time for a PARTY!!!

PROUDEST PARENTS EVER with the Birthday Princess!

We try and have a party every other year for Sakura ... or we have so far.  This year she is fully aware of what parties are and she couldn't wait for her very own!!!  Sakura chose the Princess theme - so I was on a mission to find perfect pieces to complete our Princess' dream.  I liked the "dress" theme instead of full on Disney Princesses, Sakura's favorite is Sofia the First, followed very closely by Ariel (if not tied), and then Belle - although if asked she would proclaim that she loves ALL of them!

(Not sure we can get away with every other year anymore - LOL!)

We arranged to rent out Jump Up for 2 hours.  So everyone arrived, and played and then we did cake and ice cream and presents and it was time to go .... seemed like a LONG two hours when these girls were frantically running around to me though - despite before the party I was wondering if she should have opted for another hour.  

Sakura's face was SO full of excitement - she loved every single second of her party ... and so did we!

Greema made a pretty purple number 4
and we had some pieces made to top her cake(s), Sofia's dress, and then Ariel (seashells), and Belle (rose)

Cakes, cupcakes and party favors (pixie dust made my Mommy)
since that's what they do at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique
Princess dress cookies
Party bags, water bottles, etc.
Sofia the First for the birthday girl
Cupcakes for the kids
Pixie Dust party favors

Sakura loved her Welcome Sign
(she goes by Peyton at school, dance, etc...I think Mommy is about the only hold out)
Beautiful little Princess! 
There goes Sierra climbing the rock wall!
Sakura is CRAZY for Miss Mayumi (Kariana's Mom)
Silly little princess
This was her ALL day!  Laughing and smiling here at Alicia

Sammie taking a spin on the rope!
Nicole hanging out in a ring
Ava Grace and Sakura getting in some time on the foam pieces
Sakura was SUPER excited to greet her guests
Here she is with her other Mom (Katie), Nicole and Sammie
We were the LUCKIEST parents ever when Katie offered to watch Sakura when Mommy went back to work
I can't even imagine who I would have trusted other than Katie!  We are sure BLESSED by this family!
And she loves her to pieces!
Sakura made sure to let Miss Clarissa know how much she loves her too!!!
Miss Clarissa is Sakura's preschool teacher
Time to play now!

VERY blurry, but how could I not post this???

Sakura with Maddy

AND running and running and running!

There goes Sierra again!!!
Can I say how beautiful she is?!   Sure I can, I'm her Mom!
Hmmmm where shall I run now?

OH and climbing!

Sakura with Anabelle
Beautiful Sierra hanging out
Even Baby Kayden had fun!

Playing games with the big kids

Fun times with Kariana
Maliaka's Mom (Katie) use to teach gymnastics ... Sakura got a lesson!

There she goes!


All the way!

I think she liked it!

High 5 for Katie!
Rolling with Laurie (Don watching on)
Everyone had a blast from the looks of it!

Even the Moms (Heather!)
She's tiring out .... but not for long!
There's no time for rest when your friends are here to play!
Ava Grace and Sakura

Greema, Papa, Ralph and Joyce watching the festivities

Time for the cake and ice cream - Blowing out the candles!
Her expression cracked me up - Greema caught this one!  
Thanks for my presents everyone!
Going through the loot when we got home, there was barely enough time to open presents let alone look at anything!
Dinner with my Girl.