Friday, February 22, 2013

Dr. Amon and Turning 4

Sakura turned 4  on Feburary 4th so today it was time for her Dr. appt.

Crazy as that sounds it's true!!!  Sakura indeed turned 4 and had her 4 year old well check and SHOTS today :(  That's the UNfun part of getting "older" ... 3 shots poor little kid!  I am ALWAYS eager to see how she is doing physically and in true Sakura fashion she is sticking to the 25% for height!

Sakura is now: 

38" tall
35 1/4 lbs

Dr. Amon said that Dr. Crawford had a little formula he used and if his formula is correct when Sakura is an adult she should be around 5'3" ... time will tell!

Here is the recap of Sakura's visit:

4 year olds get their eyes checked first!

 Then it's time to check your ears

Then we found out how much she'd grown! 

 Then it was time to see Dr. Amon who checked everything out!

 Then it was time for the yucky stuff ... 3 shots!

But the reward was AWESOME - Doc McStuffins stickers!!!!  
Dr Amon knows this girl and that's why we love her SO much!!!
 Last year vs. this year stats!  Yep Sakura is growing up!

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