Friday, December 31, 2010

Our little hostess

What's for lunch you ask.....why sushi of course :)
Sakura just woke up from her morning nap and I was busy in the kitchen preparing a prime rib for New Years Eve, so Sakura took it upon herself to take care of feeding the dog.
Yancha had a gourmet meal of sushi, an eggroll, and onigiri.
That's the most table food he has ever had - unfortunately for him, it was all felt!
I managed to grab my phone and snap these pictures, quality isn't the best, but you get the idea!
Here comes Sakura with a plate of food....I had no idea what she was going to do with it but thought it was pretty cute that she was carrying it in to the kitchen.

Giving the plate to Yancha who was nearby! What a good little hostess.

Patting Yancha for being a good dog

Now for some sushi.....come on Yancha Bozu this is yummy!

YAY - Sakura clapped for him - guess he was a good eater?!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day Part I and II

Since I had surgery on Dec 20th, we decided to stay in Phoenix the whole week which was nice. I got lots of help with Sakura from my Mom and my Niece Katie, besides Daddy, and I know that he appreciated not having to do everything :) But because we did that, Sakura's main gift from Santa was just a note telling her that there would be another Christmas surprise when we got home! I think I was as excited for a few small gifts as I was with Sakura's main gift! I knew that Sakura would love a few things in particular that Santa left for her Christmas morning!

Here is Sakura ready to head in and see the loot! I had to shut the puppy gate so I could try and get a picture of Sakura's reaction..unfortunately a couple people walked right in front of the camera and I totally missed the moment :( UGH!

Yeah sure Sakura - you love Santa's gifts but not so much Santa :)

Why so many pictures so early in the morning...

BROBEE - the little green one! I knew that as soon as Sakura saw Brobee she would flip out, and I couldn't have hit it more if I had tried...Sakura spotted Brobee and screamed GABBA GABBA over and over, waving her arms in the air - it truly was a priceless moment - even my 15 year old niece commented that she didn't need anything else for Christmas that reaction was enough!
I have to agree - it was definitely a moment that none of us will forget for a long time!
A new ducky backpack that Santa got all the way in Japan!

Gabba Gabba - DJ Lance boombox that plays some of their songs - Sakura kept pushing the "walk, walk, walk, it's fun, fun, fun" song over and over...then she and Katie danced to it!

Yes, Sakura is CRAZY for Gabba Gabba!

Feeding Brobee some breakfast apparently - with her new pots and pans.

Walk, walk, walk - it's fun, fun, fun...with your cousin

Walking in circles .... now


Sakura also found snow a ton of fun....she loved putting it IN Grandma's candles!

Yes, there used to be a candle in there that you could lite, not too sure anymore!

Hanging out with the big kids....waiting for breakfast so we could eat then open gifts...Sakura was the ONLY one paying any attention to me and said "CHEESE"!

Maybe Sakura's favorite gift....Yo Gabba Gabba bath toys!

Sakura was really into opening gifts, she did great - but always went back to the bath toys!

A pretty picture that Grandma made for her to hang on her bedroom wall every Christmas!

Daddy got a cool sushi ornament

The big kids all got iPod Touch for Christmas....they were pretty excited!
Katie with her Touch

Then Zakk!

David got a DS!

More gifts....Sakura even got excited about clothes :) That's my girl!!!

Trying to put on the clothes!

There was a HUGE gift from Grandma and Papa that was the last gift.....
Daddy and Zakk had to assist with opening

Sakura got a trike from Grandma and Papa -
it's even monogrammed with her initial "S" on the seat! Very cool PINK trike!
Each morning Sakura would wake up the house ringing the bell!
Gotta have a helmet - and what's better than Hello Kitty?!
Sakura wanted it ON right then! Someone grab the scissors...

OK now she's set to ride!

Since David was busy with his DS, Sakura wanted in on it too - so here she is with Katie's.
Notice her bracelet on her foot - and there are those Gabba Gabba bath toys nearby! IDK?!
SO intent!

Despicable Dog....Yancha Bozu getting tortured by Daddy - Sakura looking on.

Sakura and Papa - she wanted down!

Santa brought some coloring books and crayons so Sakura took some time to color

Pretty bike and helmet
My Mom was busy getting dinner ready and Daddy and Sakura took their place at the table - Sakura loved the nutcrackers on display and decided that they weren't quite how she'd like she did some rearranging while she waited to eat.

All neatly on her napkin now....

Our morning routine - sit on the bike and roll around the living room - ringing the bell!

Christmas Day Part II (morning at home).....Santa has arrived!

Sakura was a very good girl and Santa visited twice!
Here is what he left at home!

Sakura spotting the kitchen - she played for HOURS and HOURS!

Looking over all of the goodies in her kitchen

First meal - stir fry!