Friday, December 3, 2010

Sea World with the Brody's

What a great day!
Today we travelled over to San Diego - just Sakura and Mommy - for a play day with the Brody family. Rich, Carrie, Savannah and Seth were visiting San Diego for a medical conference for Rich - and since they live SO far away, this was a perfect chance for us to get in a long visit. Sakura and I got up and made the trip over for a full day of fun at Sea World and then dinner at Gringos Mexican food in Mission Beach. Carrie and I met up at her hotel and walked across to Sea World, a nice walk and chat to start our day! Seth managed to catch a nap too! Sakura is NOT a stroller sleeper unfortunately so she was extremely tired, having opted to stay awake for the drive over - which would normally be Nap #1 of the day...which meant she was a grump for our first bit :( Ugh Sakura - you need to listen to Mommy!
Our first stop was the Sesame Street play area....Seth was napping, so Sakura played for a few minutes in the blocks, but Seth wanted to join in and soon woke up and played too!
Savannah on the other hand was jumping away in the big kid play area!

Sakura being 'shy' - she is definitely an only child, and also the baby at the babysitters!

There is that adorable smile I love so much!

WHO could resist this face?! NOT ME!!!

Playing together - sort of...

Loved this picture, looks like Sakura is telling Seth something and he is listening very intently!

Play time fun with Seth

We actually went on a ride after this, but Sakura being her grumpy (I'm almost 2) self - I couldn't get a picture....afterwards Carrie, Savannah and Seth enjoyed another ride, Sakura and I sat off since she threw a BIG BIG fit and poor Savannah was covering her ears...I thought it was best that they enjoy the ride and Sakura enjoy it from the sidelines,
where she was pretty happy!
I thought Sakura might be hungry and that could be adding to the we headed to get a bite to eat, then we walked back up to the front to try and get a group shot - Sakura was still eating her breadstick :) My little foodie!!!
Group shot at Sea World
Off to see some Sea Lions - Sakura loves looking at just about anything that moves! She kept pointing saying "THAT"...and I'd say Sea Lion....and she would smile and point and repeat it all.


Gotta love the penguins!
I think our favorite spot was the tide pool though ~
the kids loved it despite the FREEZING cold water!

Pretty girls!

I love how Savannah is showing Sakura the starfish

Sakura reaching for a starfish

I ran around the side to grab a picture of Carrie with the kiddos, but someone followed....

running past Mommy to the tide pool

SO excited!

Sakura really loved the tide pool

Carrie and the munchins at the tide pool

Seth trying to reach a starfish

LOVE the aquarium exhibit .... my favorite the clown fish! They've always been my favorite since I was a little girl (maybe 8) and my Dad had an aquarium with them.
I'd love to have a saltwater tank someday so I could have these beautiful fish!


I thought these Rock Fish were incredibly awesome! Can you see their eyes???

Saltwater aquarium with beautiful fishies.

Love these sea critters - I don't know what they were, can't remember but they are so pretty!

SO cool...and PINK!

These too - I don't remember the name, but I love them! They look like a fountain.

What Savannah and I wanted to see most - sea horse! We found one at almost the last tank!

Seth happy as a clam in his his super cute new pj's -
Savannah and Sakura each got a pair too.

It got a bit chilly later in the day and someone was SO tired so I bundled her up hoping that she'd get snug as a bug in a rug and drift off.....

It worked! Sakura crashed, right as we were headed out.
Sakura and I headed to the hotel to check in, and get settled before meeting back up for dinner with the Brody's - where we got to see Rich too! We stayed at the Bahia Resort - I've wanted to stay there since I was a teenager and finally got a chance :) We used to go to Mission Beach every summer for a couple of weeks and I remember walking to the Bahia to see the Sea Lions. It was super special to take Sakura there - we didn't get a chance to see the Sea Lions, but we had an amazing view of the bay.
Here's what we got to look at when we checked in...
Beautiful bay view room

Sakura looking out at the boats

SO pretty!

Yes, I intentionally brought her penguin jammies to sleep in .... Sakura was EXHAUSTED after dinner and drifted off to sleep without me even laying beside her!
What a way to wake up - boats and ducks - there were SO MANY ducks out!

Looks like a post card!

We ♥ the Brody family, they were actually in Japan when we were there, and although we didn't know each other then, we passed in the lobby of the apartments. They were getting their sweet baby boy, and we were almost ready to head home with our baby girl. Such a small world!

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