Monday, December 13, 2010

A trip to the E.R. :(

Not a place I ever want to visit...especially with my baby girl :( A night that I wish I could have a do-over, although it was just like any other night, so I don't know what I would do to change things. Our evening was like any other, bath and then bed - I took Sakura to bed (our bed) like we do every night, we both fell asleep, and I was awoken about 11 p.m. to her crying. She had fallen off the bed, our bed is about 3 feet off the ground - unfortunately earlier in the evening Sakura had pushed her stool up against the bed and when she fell, she hit it, breaking out her bottom front tooth. I phoned the nurse line through Blue Cross/Blue Shield and they advised that we proceed to the Emergency Room, so that's what we did. Although when we were finally seen at close to 3:30 a.m. the ER doctor said that we should see a Pediatric Dentist and have them check things out.
Sakura was picture perfect at the hospital. She was SO tired - but she opened her mouth and let the Dr. look her over without even a wimper. The Doctor told Daddy that he will need a big gun someday soon, because Sakura is "just beautiful"!
Sakura finally crashed just after the Dr. looked her over, here she is sound asleep on Daddy...
I called the Pediatric Dentist first thing - and they were able to get her in the same morning. We got a clean bill, and also found out that genetically Sakura won't ever get two of her baby teeth - the x-rays show that the permanent ones are there, but the baby ones never formed, so instead of just missing the one tooth from her fall, she's really missing three!
Here is Sakura at the Pediatric Dentist office, she was a bit swollen - and also ended up having a little split lip that we didn't even notice at the E.R.

Still beautiful Sakura chan! We love you and don't EVER want to go to the E.R. again :)
I sure hope that she doesn't get my accident-proneness!

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