Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hanging out at home

This week we have just been hanging out around home - I am feeling congested (not sure if I have a cold, or it is just from the wind), so there is nothing real exciting to post, except today we had lunch with Auntie Carla at Olive Garden and last night Heather and Sierra came to bring all of our mail so we got to see them - unfortunately I didn't think to get the camera out last night when Heather and Sierra were here, but I did take it with us to Olive Garden when we met Auntie Carla....
Meeting Auntie Carla at Olive Garden

The cutest/sweetest little tiny foot!
The beginning (or end) of a smile!

Her little shirt says "Whooooo's the cutest" - I think I know :)

She also loves to lay on her changing table and kick her little legs (almost caught a smile here)!

Asleep with Daddy, Yancha Bozu now looks for Peyton when she isn't in plain sight or he has been outside....

A princess in her bath - in Japan they 'wrap' the babies in these gauze like cloths so they don't get scared.....so we bought one with cherry blossoms (of course) on it while we were there, I think it keeps the babies warmer.

Taking a bath

Now looking up at the moving mobile

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A little catching up

Thought I would take a minute (or two) and catch up on our blog.

Yesterday was a very emotional day, as much as I wanted to come home to the United States, I also felt very sad leaving Tokyo and Japan in whole. A piece of my heart will always be in Japan and with Airi (Sakura's BioMom) for giving me the gift that I could never imagine having and something that I have wanted my whole life but couldn't get myself - my daughter. I feel very blessed that Airi chose us to be parents for her daughter whom she couldn't care for herself, so leaving Japan was tough and at the same time, exciting - it's very hard to explain the emotions you feel unless you have been through this process. There are SO many people that we are connected to and feel like they are part of our forever family - especially Taz and Okada-San (and Manami too!), Taz gives so much of her life to those of us going through this process - she is invaluable - she will always be part of Sakura's life, as will Okada-San although from a distance, we hope that Okada-San and Manami will be able to join the adoptive families one day at a Dosokai (reunion). It is hard for Okada-San to leave Japan, because there are always babies to care for, but hopefully someday.....

Well, we arrived home safe and sound late last night (around 10:30 p.m. AZ time) - so it was a very long and tiring day. We landed at LAX around 8:30 a.m. CA time, and proceeded through Immigration and then Customs, and Sakura was processed through with her Visa - I think that LAX and our return flight was the most draining of our whole adoption process...not that it was hard, it's just that you are SO tired (since you lose a whole night on your way home because of time changes/length of flight, etc), so anything you have to deal with at that point is just miserable. After we got through all of that we had to wait at the curb for our shuttle to take us to the car in long term parking. Once we got our car, it was time to head out - Dean really wanted to stop at South Coast Plaza and pick something up for Taz that he had seen before we left and he was unsure of, but we couldn't find where our directions were from our trip and all of the packing, so we headed toward home, Dean was really tired (and grumpy!!!) so we stopped at some flea bag hotel (NEVER again!) - it served it's purpose, we were able to sleep for a few hours, while Grandma took care of the baby (who also slept) - then we went to Claim Jumper for dinner, and stopped at the Carlsbad Outlets (for Grandma) before heading home (I did really want to get one outfit that Dean and I had seen earlier at Gymboree though, so I wasn't protesting stopping even though we were dying from exhaustion. I also found this super cute hat while we were there :)

Mommy had to buy this adorable hat at Gymboree on our way home from LA!

We are happy to be home, and love the heck out of our daughter. She is just a perfect little baby, I know that the day will come and I will be eating those words, but so far, she is perfect --- rarely cries, etc....I guess I would say the only thing I could 'complain' about is that she would rather sleep ON us, than in her bed - and I would love it if she slept IN her bed for a few hours, but all you have to do is lay her in her bed and within about 20 minutes, she discovers that she isn't being held and cries/fusses. I think that she is just used to sleeping amongst people/babies and this is all very different for her. **Don't laugh Heather!!!**
Sleeping on/with Grandma this morning

Today we went to lunch with my Mom and Stepdad David for Mexican food, then ran to Toys-R-Us (since we don't have a Babies-R-Us) to see if they had any of her favorite bottles that we can't get here - and then to Target to buy a baby gate for her bedroom door so that her older brother and sister (furry ones) can't get in her room unless we are in there with them - they really want to check this small person out that has moved into our home.

This morning the little Princess had her first bath at home, and she loves her pretty pink bathtub. She is back to crying when she is taken OUT of the tub, instead of being unhappy while In the tub - her first bath in Japan she loved, but then cried for each bath afterward.

First bath at home

Clean baby

At lunch hanging out with Daddy while Mommy eats

First trip in my stroller

This afternoon when we got back home from running around, as you can see - a couple people in my family were feeling the time change and taking a much needed nap.

This afternoon after having Mexican food for lunch - Yancha Bozu is still unsure of who this is, why she is here, and when she's going home - HaHa!

Hanging out this morning in her swing with a special little lamb from Papa and Gramma Janie

Snuggling with Mommy last night

Sleeping tonight in Daddy's arms....unfortunately it was WAY before we wanted her to go to sleep - so we are hoping that she sleeps for a couple of hours (at least).

We are home

My first thing I did when I got home, Daddy put me in my swing for my first ride! I loved it!

We just arrived home, Sakura is tucked into her bed and enjoyed her first swing ride tonight. Now it's time to try and get a little sleep before our little princess wakes up!

Peyton Sakura Shimizu and Michael Kazuya Watanabe waiting to board their first plane ride home....so sweet that these two started out together and even enjoyed their first plane ride home in the same row on the airplane...We love you Kazuya sweet boy, and I know that Sakura misses you already.

Goodnight from Arizona.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here it is!

I have my Visa!

Yesterday was our last trip to the Embassy, and Sakura was issued her Visa, so we are free to travel home.

Unfortunately yesterday was the day that we toured Tokyo the most, and didn’t have our camera since we went directly from the Embassy where there are no camera’s permitted L
Dean’s cousin Miki and her family own a very nice upscale French restaurant in Shinjuku and Miki had asked us to join her after our Embassy appointment. We really wanted Taz to join us, as we feel so indebted to her for all she has done for us, and we thought that Taz and Miki would get along well, so after our appointment, Dean, Taz, Sakura and I all took a cab to L’Alliance – the food was not something Dean and I would have just gone out and ordered, but to show our appreciation we tried everything – our first course was raw Benito fish, with white asparagus served with a pesto sauce – the white asparagus was really good, but neither of us liked the Benito – Dean told Taz on the cab ride home that he almost threw up J Our second course was scallops, and some vegetables, I can’t remember right now – to my surprise I loved the scallops, I’ve never eaten one before, but these were perfect – I won’t be ordering them anywhere because I’m sure that these were exceptional quality and prepared just perfect, our main course was Australian Beef tenderloin served with mashed potatoes, another vegetable that I cannot remember, then we had dessert – I chose the Sakura white chocolate mousse cake, Dean chose Vanilla pudding (looked like crème’ bruelet, with candied sugar), and Taz chose an almond cake, with what looked like lady fingers around the edge. I think that we all really enjoyed ourselves and the food was truly one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten. By the way, Sakura was a PERFECT angel, the only thing we might have changed was when Taz took her so I could eat, she decided it was time for a big poopJ I took her to the restroom, changed her, and she was perfect the rest of the day.

We also went to KiddyLand yesterday – Oh My Gosh – I love KiddyLand! There were some super cute Edemame characters that I would have bought one each of, but I left without buying any.

I think that was it for yesterday – we had a busy day, but truly excited and emotional.

Today we are going to go back to Asakusa for some souvenier shopping, then tomorrow we head home.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm Awake!

Good Morning from Oakwood Apartments - the beautiful sunrise this morning from our balcony.

I'm so stinking tired!

The life of a Princess

I just had my stinky diaper changed, I'm a happy baby!

We are up and having our first bottle trying to get a nap in before we head to the Embassy for Peyton's interview this morning!

We had a tough day yesterday, Daddy was sick ALL day - luckily Auntie Taz went to the pharmacy and got him some medicine, he's still sleeping but when we got up for a bottle at 4:00 a.m. he said that he was feeling better than yesterday! Thank Goodness! With only so many days left we don't have 'time' to be sick. Peyton Sakura-chan and I were chanting "Get Well Daddy, Get Well Daddy" - maybe it worked? Despite being sick - Dean's cousin Yasushi, his little boy, and wife came for a visit - since they were coming from over an hour away by train we didn't feel we could cancel, so Dean was awake for the ime they were here, and asleep the rest of the day and night. Yasushi's son wanted to feed the baby.

Later in the afternoon, I ventured out to Akachin Honpo (baby store) with Peyton so Dean could get some uninterrupted sleep - our trip was complete with a looooong taxi ride, Peyton says "I could tell Mommy was a little nervous, but we made it there and back safe and sound....Mommy bought me some very cute t-shirts (kimono style for sleeping in)".

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ready for bed

This was actually yesterday - didn't think about grabbing the other camera when I uploaded earlier

I'm sure she was thinking, yes I'm dressed for bed, but it's not happening!

OK - maybe if I eat I'll sleep (which did work, until I laid her down)

Ready for bed in her "princess" jammies from Uncle Matty

Dressed and ready for bed...but as you can tell by her little peepers, someone wasn't tired, only Mommy was! Peyton Sakura stayed up with Daddy while Mommy went to sleep.

Goodnight from Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, Japan.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pictures as requested by all


Sorry to keep you all on pins and needles waiting for pictures of our precious baby girl – for whatever reason Blogger on my laptop stinks – when I try to post pictures it comes up with lots of hyperlinks, not the actual photos, so it's hard to remember which picture I picked to post and remember what the actual photo was of, but since you all want to see…I'll post them now and caption them later when we get home.

She is a beautiful baby in every way she rarely cries, she's only had two really fussy/crying spells, she eats well, she sleeps well – we are truly blessed – we love her so much.

Embassy Papers Filed!

All Dressed up and ready to go to the Embassy!

Today was our appointment at the Embassy. Everything went well, we filed our paperwork, Dean and I were interviewed and we received our appointment for Sakura’s interview – which is Thursday. We are having a great time in Tokyo, Sakura is an EXCELLENT baby, we didn’t even know that she knew how to cry until tonight when we had our first round “baby isn’t happy”…so we cannot complain.

It was a VERY windy day In Tokyo and we walked back from the Embassy!

Today we went with Taz and the Watanabe family to a place where they make fresh rice crackers, I think Dean though he died and went to Heaven!

It is now 2:30 a.m. and she just went back to sleep so I’m off to bed – it’s an early start tomorrow – we head to the Medical appointment where she gets her Hep B shot which is required for her Visa.

And finally just some of Peyton’s cuteness!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finally meeting our baby girl

Introducing … our family of three. Peyton Sakura Shimizu was placed in our arms today 22 Mar 09.




What an amazing day today has been, all of our hopes and dreams of having a family have become reality. Peyton is a beautiful, healthy baby girl, we couldn't have wished anything more, she is perfect in every way.