Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tokyo Day 2 - Disney Sea

Disney Sea Today we enjoyed the day at Disney Sea - what a different experience than we are use to in California!
The park was extremely busy due to Spring Break and being a weekend - Tokyo Disneyland was even SOLD OUT! There were people everywhere. I loved just walking around in the shops, we only went on the Aladin ride, since Yuko and Isao can't do "high speed" rides, and neither can Dean, so it was fun just walking around and taking in the sights!

Here are today's pictures, I was cracking up at Dean in some of them! Tomorrow is the BIG Day we will get our daughter! We are both very anxious/excited and can't wait - We just heard from the Watanabe's that the babies will be delivered around noon tomorrow (we had just left to go to dinner when Taz called, so we missed her call :( - but we were told that the babies will be delivered individually to each family and depending on the fussiness of the baby would determine which baby would meet their parents first.

I was able to get Skype downloaded and enjoyed a nice chat with my brother, nephews and niece this morning - amazing what technology can do! They are looking forward to talking to Sakura tomorrow!


David and Samantha said...

Tokyo Disney sounds like a great way to make the time pass as you await your baby girl! Hard to believe the time has come!!

demetrisfamily said...

Great photos of Tokyo DLand! I can't wait to take Tripp & Kira there in a few years. Maybe we can all do a reunion over there when the kiddies are old enough to enjoy it! I remember all too well the feeling of anticipation and excitement that you're experiencing right now! Tomorrow can't get here soon enough. Glad to hear that you were able to get Skype working. Tech is great, isn't it? Looking forward to seeing your next post as a beautiful family of three!!!