Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Amazing Shower!

Peyton name sign that will be hung in her bedroom - part of the decorations from the shower

Yesterday afternoon was another amazing baby shower, Peyton Sakura will be one very well dressed little girl. I thought it would be easiest to have two showers to try and accomodate more of my friends, since I have lived here in Yuma since I was two years old, and I have worked at the same place for the last 20 years - I have many friends that have all been part of my life and wanted to share this special time with as many as possible.

Welcome Peyton cake

Adorable cupcakes with cherry blossoms and a bird, and little caterpillars - SO cute and DELICIOUS!

Peyton was showered with a great swing - my Mom and my good friend Carla couldn't wait to see it assembled, so they did just that - they assembled the swing when we got home with everything - the swing is AWESOME - it has a little light show that plays inside a little mosquito net thing, it rocks frontward, and side-to-side, and plays 16 musical tunes - it is SO cute to boot!

Assembling the swing!
Hand painted hanger for Peyton, from Grandma!

Fancy Nancy book from Auntie Becky

Pink blanket

She also received lots of bath stuff, a bouncer chair, a super cute Pooh piggy bank (with money in it!), two DVDs by Baby Einstein, some very cute Little Giraffe burp cloths and little elephant blankie toy, a pack-and-play, lots more bibs and adorable clothes, bottles, a hand painted hanger, and gift cards.

Loads of great pink things!

I truly feel very blessed to have so many good friends that have such a special place in my life - and I cannot wait to bring home our daughter to introduce to everyone, she is also blessed to have so many special people in her life.

Shower favor

Click movie below for photos from the shower:


David and Samantha said...

That cake looks spectacular!! It is getting so close! Thinking of you every day as you are getting closer and closer to meeting your baby girl.

Faith said...

Looks like you had two awesome showers!! Little box left Tyler today to add to the goodies to welcome Peyton!! Hope they make it before you leave to get your precious angel but if not, they will be waiting for you when the THREE of you return home!! you are in our hearts as you make this wonderful journey to start a whole new life!! Love & hugs from Faith & Sam