Monday, March 23, 2009

Embassy Papers Filed!

All Dressed up and ready to go to the Embassy!

Today was our appointment at the Embassy. Everything went well, we filed our paperwork, Dean and I were interviewed and we received our appointment for Sakura’s interview – which is Thursday. We are having a great time in Tokyo, Sakura is an EXCELLENT baby, we didn’t even know that she knew how to cry until tonight when we had our first round “baby isn’t happy”…so we cannot complain.

It was a VERY windy day In Tokyo and we walked back from the Embassy!

Today we went with Taz and the Watanabe family to a place where they make fresh rice crackers, I think Dean though he died and went to Heaven!

It is now 2:30 a.m. and she just went back to sleep so I’m off to bed – it’s an early start tomorrow – we head to the Medical appointment where she gets her Hep B shot which is required for her Visa.

And finally just some of Peyton’s cuteness!


beem221 said...

i've been anxiously waiting for more pictures of peyton - she's adorable! need more pics though. :) glad to hear everything went well at the embassy - tell taz we said hello!

cpayne1997 said...

Thank you for the super cute picture! I too have been waiting to see more of my newest cousin! I am so glad that all went well in round 1. Keep us posted!

Jared said...

Isn't that fresh arare/rice cracker shop the best...we miss it! Love all your blog posts...keep the pictures coming (when you can...we understand that you guys are busy and adjusting :) Please tell Taz that we said "Hi!" too!

David and Samantha said...

So happy to hear that the appt. went as planned! Such a relief. She looks so peaceful and beautiful in her picture. Good luck at the doctor!

sunnytoad said...

Zachary and I were just checking up on you. He thinks Peyton is beautiful, and I agree. Give her kisses from us and lots of hugs. Enjoy the rest of your trip and travel home safely.

demetrisfamily said...

Glad to hear that everything went great at the embassy. What a sweet pic of Peyton Sakura but we too are waiting for more - when you have a chance, of course. :0)