Sunday, March 22, 2009

Finally meeting our baby girl

Introducing … our family of three. Peyton Sakura Shimizu was placed in our arms today 22 Mar 09.




What an amazing day today has been, all of our hopes and dreams of having a family have become reality. Peyton is a beautiful, healthy baby girl, we couldn't have wished anything more, she is perfect in every way.


demetrisfamily said...

CONGRATS on becoming a beautiful family of three! Peyton Sakura is absolutely gorgeous and so precious!! Mommy & Daddy look like they are glowing with happiness and we are overjoyed for you! Enjoy every second - they grow so fast. Can't wait to meet your baby girl and to see you both again, next month!


Nancy, Tim, Tripp & Kira

David and Samantha said...

She is so pretty!!! How wonderful adoption is! We are very excited for you and so thankful that Peyton Sakura is finally in your arms. What a gift!

Amy said...

SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! I am crying looking at your wonderful family! We are so happy for you and can't wait to meet her! Congratualations!

Amy, Cory and Sinclair

melvin.shafer said...

Jennifer and Dean,

We are so happy for you guys! It's a truly magical time isn't it? Your daughter is precious and I know you guys are just as happy as can be. Did you ever make it to Akachan Honpo?

Mel, Misao and Momoka

cpayne1997 said...

Congratulations! We are so happy for you guys. Your family is beautiful and Peyton is so blessed to have you two as parents.

Greg, Crystal, Breanna & Austin

Cynthia, Daniel, and Cameron said...

The three of you look perfect together! Peyton Sakura is beautiful! Congratulations on your new family!! :) Yay!

gecech said...

Yay!!Congrats Shimizu family!!! What a perfect family of three you make! Peyton is so gorgeous! Daddy looks like a natural! ;-) We're so happy for you!

Gregor, Er, Emi and Miya-chan

jill and ryan said...

what a beautiful family you make! i cannot imagine what it felt like to finally have her in your arms, i know the wait must have felt like an eternity! she is so beautiful and is finally with mommy and daddy!
xoxo jill & ryan

Jared said...

Congratulaaaaaaaaations!!!!! Peyton Sakura is absolutely beautiful and so is your new family of three! Enjoy your stay in Japan and soak up every second of your cutie patootie! Can't wait to meet all of you at the Dosokai!
Love and Aloha,
Candi, Jared, Lexie, & Kayli

beem221 said...

CONGRATULATIONS! She's beautiful and you all look so happy together, finally! Enjoy this special time fo getting to know her!

Rex, Belinda & Megumi

Carol said...

Sakura is adorable and we're all thrilled for you! And so begins the longest, hardest, but most satisfying journey you've yet undertaken. It's going to be a treat to watch. Take care, and we're looking forward to seeing you all soon!