Monday, March 23, 2009

Pictures as requested by all


Sorry to keep you all on pins and needles waiting for pictures of our precious baby girl – for whatever reason Blogger on my laptop stinks – when I try to post pictures it comes up with lots of hyperlinks, not the actual photos, so it's hard to remember which picture I picked to post and remember what the actual photo was of, but since you all want to see…I'll post them now and caption them later when we get home.

She is a beautiful baby in every way she rarely cries, she's only had two really fussy/crying spells, she eats well, she sleeps well – we are truly blessed – we love her so much.


Misty Clark said...

She is absolutely beautiful! She also sounds like an angle. Kumi was the same way. Hardly cried uness she was hungry or needed her diaper changed. How lucky are we? Thank you for sharing all these wonderful pictures with everyone. We can't be happier for you and your family!

Aunt Carol said...

Mommy and Baby are both beautiful!

gecech said...

Awww- she is so sweet! Misty is right- she looks angelic! We can't wait to meet her in person soon!!!

the Cechs

demetrisfamily said...

Great pics! What an absolutely adorable baby girl Peyton Sakura is!! Those cheeks just cry out to be smooched. It looks like she is enjoying all the cuddles from her mommy & daddy.

Handshoe Family said...

Your pictures warm my heart-- so perfect! Congratulations!