Sunday, March 29, 2009

We are home

My first thing I did when I got home, Daddy put me in my swing for my first ride! I loved it!

We just arrived home, Sakura is tucked into her bed and enjoyed her first swing ride tonight. Now it's time to try and get a little sleep before our little princess wakes up!

Peyton Sakura Shimizu and Michael Kazuya Watanabe waiting to board their first plane ride sweet that these two started out together and even enjoyed their first plane ride home in the same row on the airplane...We love you Kazuya sweet boy, and I know that Sakura misses you already.

Goodnight from Arizona.


Aunt Carol said...

Welcome Home Shimizu Family! So glad to know you are home safe and sound. I have checked the boards a few times looking for an update! Finally the pretty Sakura room has it's Princess in residence! Hugs!

David and Samantha said...

What a wonderful trip!! But it is always nice to be home. She looks just beautiful!

gecech said...

Two beautiful, special babies. :-) Welcome Home Peyton! we can't wait to meet you soon!

The Cechs

Kai said...

Welcome home Shimizus!!! Sakura is so beautiful and she sounds like she has an angelic personality too. Sorry to hear Dean got sick but glad he recovered quickly. (We just got back from Walt Disney World last night so we got to catch up on your trip in one big sitting). Thank you for your great photos and descriptions. Look forward to meeting you all soon!

The Matsumotos

demetrisfamily said...

Welome home beautiful family of three! Love the pic of Sakura with her buddy Kazuya. They are both so adorable!! Looking forward to meeting your princess and to seeing you very soon!

Nancy, Tim, Tripp & Kira

jill and ryan said...

Welcome home! Glad you all made it safely...Sakura and Kazuya look so sweet together!

beem221 said...

welcome home! finally, you're home together as a family of 3! hope you're all adjusting to the time change and to your new addition. keep us posted on how you're all doing and looking forward to meeting you in person!