Friday, July 20, 2012

Swanky Baby Vintage by Urban Chic Portraits

Recently Maranda of Urban Chic Portraits asked Sakura to be her model for an event she was selected to participate in called "Media Blast 2012" with the little girls clothing company Swanky Baby Vintage.  She had been sent this outfit and needed to submit a "Back to School" themed photo for their contest which ran on FaceBook.  We were honored and excited to be part of this with Maranda.  Below are the photos she submitted, she was required to submit 10, and they chose the one they would run in the contest.  We all had our favorites, but loved every image Maranda captured.  We weren't allowed to post any of the images until after the Media Blast which ended on 8/6.

Here they are:

THE photo they selected to be in the Media Blast 2012
Think, Think, Think
Showcasing the top
Showcasing the pants
Silly girl!
Would you like a bite of my apple pretty???  This one cracks me up!
LOVE this one!
Not sure about going Back to School Sakura?
Well OK - I do love my new Preschool!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!  I think this was Daddy's favorite
OR it was this one?  I LOVE both!
DARN I can't go Back to School Today?????  Another of my FAVS!
We loved this opportunity and we Love Maranda!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Visiting and dinner with great friends - the Galakatos family

We absolutely LOVE this family - the Galakatos'.  It seems like forever, but we managed to meet this trip and have dinner together at our favorite pizza place.  The girls got along SO well, played together with their pizza dough, Sinclair brought some My Pretty Ponies and immediately gave one to Sakura to play with.  Such a sweetie!  Did I say how much I love them?

Two gorgeous girls 
Pizza dough is FUN
Sakura took this picture of her dough --- she is really into taking pictures, I don't dare tell her she can't since she is pretty darn tolerant of my constant clicking of the camera!
Two little sillies!
Bye Sinclair - we love you and miss you!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Eye appointment with Arizona Pediatric Eye Specialists

As I said in an earlier post, Sakura had an appointment with a Pediatric Eye Specialist.  For as long as I can remember Sakura has had her eyelashes turn inward - I always thought it was due to her "chubby" baby cheeks, and once they were gone the problem would resolve....but it didn't.  We talked to our pediatrician about it, and she suggested that we have it checked (just incase) ... I don't really know what I expected, but I didn't expect the Dx - which is surgery.  Sakura is scheduled for surgery 4 September to fix this due to having MANY scratches on her eyes from rubbing and/or the eyelashes themselves.

Waiting in the lobby for her turn with the Doctor, watching Lion King
SUCH a big girl - Sakura does unbelievably well when it comes to any kind of medical appointment and this was no exception - she makes us SO proud of her, even the Dr. said that she has kids twice her age that aren't as well behaved~
The worst part - dilating her eyes, we had to wait around and then they rechecked her, all she did was ask me repeatedly to take that stuff out of her eyes.  Poor Kiddo!
Little Miss Hollywood --- She did NOT like these not so fashionable sunglasses, but I forgot hers in the car!
Afterwards we went to lunch at a great Japanese place
I wanted to take a few pictures .... UMMMMM I forgot she was suppose to have her sunglasses on!  DUH!
Poor kid - dilated eyes trying to smile ... Sorry Sakura!
MUCH better!
THIS girl makes me the proudest Mommy that ever walked the planet!  

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July

We spent 4th of July with Papa and Greema, this year we bought a few fireworks to do at home, who wants to venture out, not us.  Sakura is NOT a fan of loud noises, and we envisioned "Katie" all over again.  At this age we took our niece and nephew to the fireworks in Phoenix - it was a LONG walk all the way to the grand stands, basically we got there and Katie was screaming about it so we ended up walking right back to the car.  NOT fun!
Here are a few pictures from our 4th of July.

Rocking with Daddy
Then a swim
With Mommy - Sakura asked if this was my swimming suit .... Um YEP a big T-shirt!
Sakura loved her swim with Mommy.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Cornerstone Preschool

Today was Sakura's 1st day at her new Preschool - Cornerstone Preschool.  We started her here now even though they work off a traditional school year schedule, to ensure she would get in, they fill up very quickly and many teachers send their children here .... so with us starting during the summer, there were a few openings since the teacher's children are out for the summer.  We checked a couple highly rated preschools in our area and decided on this one because I felt the staff would meet our needs a little more than the other one we interviewed.  They seemed very warm and welcoming, hugging Sakura when we went for our initial interview, etc.

Here she is waiting for them to open.

Nervous and yet excited as you'll see below.
SO proud of you Sakura!
There's the smile I was hoping for!
Dancing as we wait ..... here's the excited girl I was hoping for!
Such a cute place where Sakura will learn SO much!

I couldn't wait to pick Sakura up and hear all about her day .... when I got there, she had made an awesome Uncle Sam hat in celebration of the 4th of July.  Here they start their day with the
Pledge of Allegiance with the flag raising, just like we did when I went to preschool.

Sakura had a glowing report, they said that she had a "GREAT" day.  When we got home, I asked her how her day was, she replied "Good", she then said "How was your day Mommy", I replied "It was Great", Sakura replied "Only big peoples have GREAT days, little peoples have GOOD days". We all had a good laugh about that (we were with Bachan and Jiichan having dinner".