Friday, July 20, 2012

Swanky Baby Vintage by Urban Chic Portraits

Recently Maranda of Urban Chic Portraits asked Sakura to be her model for an event she was selected to participate in called "Media Blast 2012" with the little girls clothing company Swanky Baby Vintage.  She had been sent this outfit and needed to submit a "Back to School" themed photo for their contest which ran on FaceBook.  We were honored and excited to be part of this with Maranda.  Below are the photos she submitted, she was required to submit 10, and they chose the one they would run in the contest.  We all had our favorites, but loved every image Maranda captured.  We weren't allowed to post any of the images until after the Media Blast which ended on 8/6.

Here they are:

THE photo they selected to be in the Media Blast 2012
Think, Think, Think
Showcasing the top
Showcasing the pants
Silly girl!
Would you like a bite of my apple pretty???  This one cracks me up!
LOVE this one!
Not sure about going Back to School Sakura?
Well OK - I do love my new Preschool!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!  I think this was Daddy's favorite
OR it was this one?  I LOVE both!
DARN I can't go Back to School Today?????  Another of my FAVS!
We loved this opportunity and we Love Maranda!

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