Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to School - Sakura is a Preschooler!

Sakura's 1st Day of Preschool!

It is hard to believe that Sakura is actually in preschool, but today when I dropped her off I realized that she is not a little baby anymore, she is a fast growing spunky little toddler.  She started going to Cornerstone Preschool in July due to the availability issues I mentioned in a previous post, but they practice a traditional school calendar, so today was her 1st day of Preschool.  Sakura also advanced to the Caterpillar room - so she once again left behind her familiar surroundings and friends but thankfully her teacher went as well, so that was NICE!  Sakura loves Miss Clarissa, and so do we!

I took MANY pictures, just kept the button down, so this is sort of like a slide show of Sakura dancing!  Because that's what she was doing as I was trying to get a picture...but I thought it was cute enough to post all of the pictures.  We are SO proud of you Sakura!

I saw this on Pinterest and thought what a neat idea .... it will be interesting to look back on next year.

This one was my cell pic.

With her ladybug friends, Allison and Taylor

Upon my return at the end of the day, I asked Sakura how her day was and she proclaimed GOOD and proceeded to show me her handy work for the day!  I'd say she had a GREAT day (as big people's do)!

Her 1st paper :)
Daddy is gone this week, but he suggested we get an ice cream cake to celebrate Sakura's 1st day with Bachan and Jiichan after dinner ... so Sakura and I stopped on our way home.

Just Sakura
Enjoying her cake to celebrate the occasion

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