Saturday, August 18, 2012

Disneyland Day 2

We got up bright and early and headed to Disneyland for Sakura's appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique this morning, but stopped on our way in as LOOK who was right there with not much of a line!  MINNIE MOUSE of course!  Sakura's favorite!  

Posing with Minnie (and her Minnie too!)

Hanging with Minnie - there hasn't been a trip to Disneyland since she received her own Minnie that she didn't take her along - she LOVES her Minnie, riding in Signature Sakura style ... upside down sunglasses.
We ate a little breakfast and then headed over for Sakura's appointment.  SHE chose a different hairstyle this time.... we tried numerous attempts to pursued her that she should get something else, but she wasn't having it.  This trip she will be Pop Princess Sakura!

A little make-up first and then .... 

Almost done Pop Princess - style!

When she was done, we were happy with the results ... we think she is a gorgeous Pop Princess Sakura!

Don't you???

Then we headed to take flight with Dumbo - today it's a yellow one!  Sakura's choice!

AND of course King Authur's Carousel is next ... the line was short at Dumbo so we opted for that quickly before the crowds take over!

This girl would LIVE at Disneyland just like her Mommy!!!

Can you just FEEL her excitement?!

They were playing a game here ... Put the heart on the crown (you are SUPPOSED to close your eyes) .....

Somehow I think someone missed that part of the rules though :)  HAHA!  

Our Beautiful little princess!

Melt my Heart!

TADA!  What do you think guys?

Then we stopped in at Pixie Hollow

Fairies are Welcome here .... Sakura knows her way around this place VERY well!
We must come to Pixie Hollow each and every visit per her request.

Deep in conversation with this pixie whom I don't know the name of?!

Posing with the Pixie

HAHA - look who peeked through .... It's DADDY!!!

Then on to see Tink

I HAD to get a picture of the inside of Sakura's bun - how cool is this?!
We decided to head over to California Adventure HOPING to get a glimpse of the new Cars Land~!
Well the line for the ride was ridiculous, but we enjoyed our day anyway.

LOVE all of the new stuff here - Big Top Toys!

Can you see who she is following and trying to catch up with ?? 

Why it's GOOFY!

Dancing away in Cars Land

LOVE her carefree attitude.

Daddy found a photo op here in the Cones!  I love how these turned out!

Sakura hanging out in the cone

And at Cars Land

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