Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter was extra exciting this year since it was the first time we dyed eggs with Sakura.  Greema and Papa came for the weekend, so we waited for them to come - it was a late egg dye but we all really enjoyed it.
Sakura loved seeing the eggs change colors, despite not liking eggs - she didn't have to eat any :)

Time to dye eggs!

Wait wait wait ... 

Time to take them out!

All finished dying the eggs, our little
Easter bunny is ready for bed! 
But FIRST we have to plant some magic seeds that only
grow on Easter Eve ..... Sakura is excited to plant with Greema! 
Easter Morning - all dressed and headed to see what
the Easter bunny delivered - OH and the seeds grew!
Sakura LOVES her Hello Kitty Easter bunny!
A Hello Kitty jump rope too!

The Magic of Easter still lives ... her seeds grew!
Picture Perfect - our precious girl!

Or Hello Kitty Easter Bunny :)
Sassy Sakura!

After breakfast at Mimi's Cafe I wanted to head out to a field where I saw some beautiful larkspur growing for some pictures ... I got some cute "posed" ones but my favorite by far are these few candid shots of Sakura just browsing around in the field of flowers.

Checking out the flowers

A little girl having fun - that's what makes the world go
round for me! 
Here is a larger shot of the gorgeous field of larkspur
 We got home from breakfast and Daddy went outside for something and spotted the Easter Bunny hopping down the road!  Imagine Sakura's delight when he told her and she went out to look for him, asking MANY questions about him and his appearance - when she found he had just dropped off some "eggs" for her to find!

Hunting eggs

Yes she found the golden egg!

Greema and Papa left after the egg hunt, Sakura took her nap and the we headed down to Bachan and Jiichan's house ... Sakura also was delighted that she had basket of goodies there too - 
from Bachan and Jiichan!

Easter goodies from Bachan and Jiichan

You can find ALL of the hidden eggs when you wear your goggles!

Sakura found all of them .... 
Happy Easter Everyone!