Monday, August 31, 2009

Mobile...crawling, but no video (yet)

Getting ready for her bath, playing with her baby on Mommy and Daddy's bed

Rolled up in the blankets

Clean baby

Droolin' in her Bouce-A-Bout

It's TOO Funny watching Sakura get where she wants to go...and a lot of work keeping track of where she is headed and what she is getting in to! No video yet, both camera's are out of memory sticks and I have to get one (very soon!). In the meantime here are a couple of happy girl face pictures. She finds making a clicking noise quite entertaining and wrinkles up her nose at it every time (this week - LOL!).

Unfortunately our desktop computer decided that it's tired and won't power up, so my posts are going to be 'short and sweet' - since I'm having to resort to the laptop and you all know how much I LOVE posting from the laptop :P (haha!), it's off to the Geek Squad tomorrow! Dean can't take not having access to his iTunes - LOL!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Already a fan???

I've always been a Kristi Yamaguchi fan....I love watching figure skating, but only when Kristi is skating, or one of my other favorites. Do I have another fan in the midst?

Watching Kristi

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Teething???? Who knows?!

This morning when I got Sakura up, she had the worst case of bed head, almost like cotton (definitely just like Daddy in that respect!) - too funny, so when I wet her hair down, I figured I'd give her a "new do" for a couple of minutes, hilariously her hair dried in those few minutes and was still standing up. I managed to comb it down/over and put her clip in though....all is well :)

All is well, back to normal hairclip attached, now lets see if we can break our gums with this hard toy?

HOLDING onto Yancha Bozu

Sleeping soundly on Mommy's shoulder, maybe tonight I'll try just holding her all night, she might sleep? Should have bought a rocking chair!
The last couple of nights sweet little Sakura chan has been waking up SCREAMING around 12:30 - last night Dean thought he heard "Ma-Ma" and said that she sounded like she was in pain, so I gave her some teething tablets and a little bit later she was back asleep, unfortunately it only lasted for 1 hour and then back awake crying....I decided to take her to the loveseat and try to let Daddy sleep. Sakura was sort of asleep, just thrashing around and waving her arm trying to fly (all in her sleep) needless to say, I didn't get any sleep. When Dean left for work, I put her back in her crib and she slept a couple more hours, then when I went to get her up, she was chewing (hard) on her binkie, holding it to the right side, where she always chews on things....Teething? Who knows?!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Exciting week for Da-Da...Sakura said Da-Da on Monday (Aug 17) for the first time, but Da-Da was at work and couldn't be found (interviewing for new hires), so he didn't actually get to hear it until maybe Wednesday when we heard Sakura say "Daddy" while she was jumping in her jumperoo.

Sakura has been a babbling baby as of late, it's quite funny watching and listening to her babble, I think she is going to be quite the little chatterbox once this babbling forms real words, she will definitely take after Mommy if that's the case, Daddy is man of very few words (UNTIL you get to know him!).

Sakura is really gearing up for crawling, she loves to get up on her knees and moves around using her arms....I'm bad - I pick her up when I see her do the 'rocking' motion, she has also been "crawling" up my arm when I get her out of her crib. Pretty cute!

The pics are from this week in review. The little denim outfit is one that I bought back when I was pregnant and I held onto it all these years (like 16).

Jumping, Jumping, Jumping
Getting ready for a smackeral of bug legs in her new jammies from Uncle Matty

Just droolin'

Baby Guess outfit Mommy bought a very long time ago!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Favorite new sound.....

Sakura has figured out how to make raspberry noises and does it ALL the time now!
It's pretty funny - she is jumping in her jumper in the video (it's not the easiest to focus when she's moving around a bunch, so bear with the shaking camera).
Toward the end she makes her sounds.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Here she goes

A few of pictures that I took Friday, it was pretty nice outside (well nice as far as Arizona standards) so we went out back and layed on the blanket, with the wind blowing. Sakura loves to watch the trees when it's windy outside and the dogs of course!

Just a super short video clip of Princess P rolling over from her back to her tummy,
especially created for Seth Brody.

Hopefully our next video will be of the Princess with her new favorite sound.......stay tuned!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Rolling over...Part 2

Tummy time by Kellie

Peyton Sakura has mastered rolling over in both directions now! She can now roll from her tummy to her back and back to her tummy.
SO nice, so we don't hear the 'hmmmm please roll me back over' whines anymore!

This cute picture a friend at work took of Peyton last Friday!
We can't wait to see the rest of the pictures, the three we have seen are oh so cute!


Even hives/rash can't keep Sakura from hanging on to those piggies!

Not too sure what's going on, but we don't like it! Last week when we were at the Dr. we asked about what we thought was heat rash...The Dr. didn't think it looked like heat rash with the way we described what the rash looked like, and she felt herself, but thought maybe Sakura had "dry skin" so Dr. Amon said that we should try using Dove soap, and use a cream instead of lotion because lotions have alcohol to help absorb into the skin faster....but when I looked at the creams, it appeared they had alcohol in them instead, so I checked the Johnson's baby oil container, and saw that it didn't have alcohol and decided I'd try that. We also tried apricots last I'm not sure what this hive/rash stuff is all about, but I know that it's not pretty!

Poor little Sakura - she doesn't seem to be bothered by it, but I don't like the way it looks. The nurse called back yesterday and said that we could give her Benedryl, but after hearing from my friend Carrie that it isn't safe for under 4 years old...I won't be doing that! It's Oatmeal baths and Aveeno for this little girl.

Still happy and jumping, despite having hives

Friday, August 7, 2009

6 Month stats

Where's Peyton Sakura?

Today was Peyton Sakura's 6 month old "well baby" checkup and shots .... ARGH! Sakura really knows where she is and started crying when the nurse was just measuring her. Dr. Amon commented that one of the other Doctors says that he remembers being an infant at the Dr. office - and she said that we might have one with the same type of memories! Poor thing.
Dr. Amon did get a smile from Sakura by the end of the visit - but only when she said
"Y-u-u-u-u-u-c-k-y", that seems to still get a big smile...LOL!

Here I am!

Here are the stats from our visit:

  • Weight = 17.0 lbs (75th percentile)
  • Length = 25 inches (25th percentile)

Luckily after we go back for our second half of this visit, we have a 3 month reprieve. Yay!

Here is a little video of a very sleepy baby jumping in her new jumper - that was her 6 month present :o) Daddy has wanted a jumper for Princess P since about Day 1.....she LOVES jumping, but here she is laughing at me saying "Jump", when she gets very sleepy she giggles and giggles - we think it's pretty cute :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Peyton Sakura turns 6 months old!

Peyton Sakura 6 months old!
It's hard to believe that our little angel is 6 months old already. At only 6 months old, Sakura has brought us so much joy and happiness, we can hardly remember our lives without her, as we look back to our trip to Japan to get our baby girl, my eyes fill with tears, it's true "Dreams Really Do Come True" - just Believe~
At 6 months Peyton Sakura is
  • Eating solid foods - green beans, squash, carrots, sweet potato, pears, peaches, and apples along with her cereal
  • Sitting up with very little assistance, at times for short periods on her own
  • Patting your arm when you hold her
  • Laughing out loud (mostly at the dogs)
  • "Talking" a lot more
  • Smiles a lot, but is very selective and reserved about who and when (still!)
  • Holds her own bottle
  • "Moves" around/pivots from one direction (360 degrees) while on her tummy
  • Has started to reach out for Mommy/Daddy when someone else is holding her
  • Puts EVERYTHING in her mouth

(Note: Last week when we sent in our update to Taz and Lesley, Taz commented that "Okada San asked if Sakura smiles a lot, because Sakura was very hard to make smile." I told Auntie Taz that some things never change!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Heat Rash :o(

Not crying, but 'talking' - she makes these silly faces and drools like crazy when she 'talks'!

It's been SO hot lately that this really isn't surprising, but Peyton Sakura has what appears to be heat rash (prickly heat). Poor little thing - it doesn't seem to bother her at all, but sure looks like it would! Her poor little "neck" is so red at night when she gets her bath.

Tonight Daddy googled and saw that adding a couple of teaspoons of baking soda should help, so we did just that - and it also mentioned air drying, so I let her lay on her towel until she was all dry. Then it was time for jammies and bedtime.

Reading her book
About 2 seconds after I took this picture, she "fell" over and knocked her head on a toy and wasn't happy.....
We had a busy weekend with my Mom and David here - unfortunately I think all of the pictures must be on my Mom's camera and not mine!
Peyton got some new books this weekend, some from Grandma some from Mommy - some soft so she can 'eat' them which is usually what happens!
She also got some cute new jammies - gotta love jammies! Grandma has a 'ducky' theme going for Sakura, and found a new pair of ducky jammies....and a cute elephant pair....Mommy loves elephants and giraffes! Thanks Grandma for the books and jammies!