Monday, August 31, 2009

Mobile...crawling, but no video (yet)

Getting ready for her bath, playing with her baby on Mommy and Daddy's bed

Rolled up in the blankets

Clean baby

Droolin' in her Bouce-A-Bout

It's TOO Funny watching Sakura get where she wants to go...and a lot of work keeping track of where she is headed and what she is getting in to! No video yet, both camera's are out of memory sticks and I have to get one (very soon!). In the meantime here are a couple of happy girl face pictures. She finds making a clicking noise quite entertaining and wrinkles up her nose at it every time (this week - LOL!).

Unfortunately our desktop computer decided that it's tired and won't power up, so my posts are going to be 'short and sweet' - since I'm having to resort to the laptop and you all know how much I LOVE posting from the laptop :P (haha!), it's off to the Geek Squad tomorrow! Dean can't take not having access to his iTunes - LOL!


cpayne1997 said...

What a beautiful little girl! She is just adorable!

Misty Clark said...

Such a happy little girl and so cute all wrapped up after her bath. I don't think her smile can get any bigger in bounce-about. Only 16 more days and I can hold Miss Sakura-Chan!

Mel said...

Gotta love that smile. Glad to hear she is crawling, big milestone for baby. Such a big girl now!