Monday, August 10, 2009


Even hives/rash can't keep Sakura from hanging on to those piggies!

Not too sure what's going on, but we don't like it! Last week when we were at the Dr. we asked about what we thought was heat rash...The Dr. didn't think it looked like heat rash with the way we described what the rash looked like, and she felt herself, but thought maybe Sakura had "dry skin" so Dr. Amon said that we should try using Dove soap, and use a cream instead of lotion because lotions have alcohol to help absorb into the skin faster....but when I looked at the creams, it appeared they had alcohol in them instead, so I checked the Johnson's baby oil container, and saw that it didn't have alcohol and decided I'd try that. We also tried apricots last I'm not sure what this hive/rash stuff is all about, but I know that it's not pretty!

Poor little Sakura - she doesn't seem to be bothered by it, but I don't like the way it looks. The nurse called back yesterday and said that we could give her Benedryl, but after hearing from my friend Carrie that it isn't safe for under 4 years old...I won't be doing that! It's Oatmeal baths and Aveeno for this little girl.

Still happy and jumping, despite having hives


Samantha said...

The pics are so cute!! That rash looks itchy. A few months ago, we took Kaori to the ER because she had an allergic reaction to something and it looked super bad. Anwyay, they ended up giving her a small does of Benadryl. You are right that it is not recommended for children under 4, but if the nurse tells you the correct dosage, which is not noted on the bottle for children under four, than it should be okay. It really helped Kaori and got her hives and swelling under control in no time. I know you will do whatever you feel comfortable doing, but I just wanted you to know that we allowed the ER nurse to give some to Kaori and it was fine.

Carrie said...

She doesn't seem too bothered. I am sure it is bothering mommy a lot more. It always does. I hope it resolves soon.

Sorry if I scared you out of using Benedryl. It was used for years, but then there were a few bad outcomes and new recommendations came out, so I am cautious.If the FDA warns against it, I don't use it and Rich said he wouldn't on our children, so I pass that along.

Misty Clark said...

Poor little thing. She does look happy despite her rash. I really can't wait for the girls to get together. It seems like they are so much alike. I hope Sakura-chan recovered quickly.