Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fun at the Water Park!

Today was the first time the class got to head over to the water park for some fun, so I headed over at their designated time to snap a few pictures of Sakura with her classmates splashing around and enjoying the water. I have to admit I have a new found appreciation for the paparazzi! This was no easy task trying to get close enough to snap some pictures (with the telephoto lens) and remain unseen. I had to move the car a few times as I was almost spotted, OR Sakura would stand right behind a big bush! UGH! It was very fun watching what unfolded while I was there watching though.

When they first got there, they were all sitting on a bench, before long the water was turned on and out ran a couple of the kids who couldn't wait. There mine sat on the bench, I thought "Oh this should be fun" - before long I saw Miss Myra head over and try to coax Sakura off the bench, and I watched as I knew exactly what was happening, Sakura refused and remained sitting on the bench - UGH! My kiddo has to do things on her own and in her own time/comfort. It wasn't long and off popped Sakura - she stood far back from the water chaos though again until she was ready then off she went and as you can tell by the numerous photos below - she LOVED the water park.

Yes Sakura that's a BIG bush to hide behind so Mommy can't get a picture .... off I go.

There she goes .... checking out the water with her friends

Then she was running all over and squealing, I could hear her squeals :)

Not too sure about this ....

The funniest thing ever - yes my kid discovers how to get "through" without getting her head wet! She was quite proud and loved this attraction - she went "through" over and over again. I found myself in my car laughing out loud.

And she's through!

Going for another round...

And again, unscathed!

Over and over again she went - it was comical to watch!

Playing with friends

And squealing with excitement

Headed to a different area

Almost detected!

Having a blast

Don't you think I was almost discovered?! She was starring right at me .... time to go :(

SO happy Sakura had a good time her first day at the water park - the really nice thing is they get to go every week for water fun! Hopefully by the end of the summer, she'll be dunking her head in the fountains?! Mommy can hope!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dosokai at Goofy's Kitchen

This year we didn't to attend the formal Dosokai, but luckily we managed to get to Goofy's Kitchen for brunch with the group. It's hectic with so many families, but always nice to get together and something I always wanted for Sakura. Here are some pictures from the day.

Brunch wasn't until 10:45, so Sakura and I went down and had a snack to hold her over - I knew that she wouldn't make it as she wakes up around 06:00 every day, and 11:00 is her naptime, so I was pleasantly surprised that she was halfway decent for brunch - then on our way home, it wasn't but a few seconds in the car and she was out hard!

Not my idea of a nutricious breakfast, but we were on vacation so I let Sakura have Fruit Loops.

I think all of the kids attending had the BEST time on the escalator - I say save your money on park tickets and just head over to the Disneyland Hotel and take a few rides on it. Just Kidding!

Sakura and Daddy riding

Ward and Quinn riding too

We got a tiny bit of time in with Baby Kaila too - which we LOVE!

Group photo at Goofy's Kitchen - HUGE group compared to the last two years. Many of us wondered if we wouldn't have to split into two groups, but the staff said they fit more than 100 in one photo! Amazing!

Cutie pie Quinn with Pluto - he's not a fan so his Mommy asked Pluto to pose behind - GREAT idea Dale!

Dale with handsome Nikko

Our table

How cute is Taisen? Can't believe how much he has grown!

The raffle loot this year was awesome again.

Some of the familes at brunch (I think Bee said there were 17 or 19 families this year?) - it was hard to get good pics, so I didn't take many pictures.

Miya and Emi at brunch - Uncle Jared reported this was Emi's 2nd ice cream cone - LOL! GO Emi - a girl after my own heart!

Yes someone was VERY tired - Sakura's normal naptime is from about 11:15 - 2:15 so she started to melt.

Looks like Quinn was getting tired too :)

We were very lucky to get to spend more time with our friends - next year the Dosokai is supposed to be in Hawaii, don't know if we'll make it, but we hope that things fade and we can attend.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dinner dosokai with roomies from Japan

It has always been a priority of mine to keep in touch with the kids that shared Sakura's first few weeks together as I have said before. This weekend Quinn (Sena) and his family were visiting from Hawaii so it was the perfect opportunity for all of us to get together, we are very lucky that they visit a few times each year and we manage to see them almost every visit - and Kazuya lives in the area. We love these families and consider them our family. Here are some pictures from dinner at Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria. Unfortunately Quinn wasn't in the dinner mood, poor little guy was SO tired and fell asleep so I didn't get but a couple pictures of him at dinner (but we did get together the next morning too, so there is more pics of him in the next post!).

Quinn and his beautiful Mommy Dale

Daddy's and kids playing while we waited for dinner

Sakura LOVES Samie (Kazuya's big sister) - they had a little jump off

The next series of pictures cracks me up. I'm not really sure what they were doing except if you looked at this in a flip album I think you'd die laughing (at least I would). I was just snapping pictures trying to catch a good one of them both looking, but when I rotated and resized I found myself laughing. So I captioned them as if in a flip album.

What ya got there Sakura? says Kazuya

(really it's just the rosettes on her shirt, but Kazuya looks interested).

"Can I see?" ays Kazuya

Sakura says "MINE".

LOL - "Everyone doesn't want to see Sakura".... says Mommy.

See my ladybug balloon - Quinn fast asleep.

Samie and her shark balloon

Sakura and Kazuya (with his turtle balloon)

Goodbye hugs

Nite Nite sweet Quinn

A couple of hours at Disneyland and Ca Adventure

Today we got up early and headed to Anaheim for a visit with friends. It's only a 4 hour drive so we left home about 0800 but somehow made really good time and got there a little after 1100? Not sure - I was driving and not going THAT fast. Unfortunately Sakura barely napped in the car and was quite grumpy when we got there. It was my plan to have lunch with Dean, he was going to go to a movie and then Sakura and I would meet up with Auntie Eryn (and family) afterwards --- plans don't always work out. We got there, Dean checked the movie times and headed straight for his movie. So Sakura and I started toward the park, and when we turned around there was Auntie Eryn and Auntie Bee (and family) - we chatted for a few minutes, and Sakura and I headed into the park and Auntie Eryn would text us later after she gathered her family who had just headed back to the room. Unfortunately we didn't have anyone's number's otherwise we could have text to see if anyone wanted to meet up for a ride or two - but that's okay - off Sakura and I went to Disneyland to ride a couple of rides.

Someone was SO sleepy!

But perked up a bit on the monorail :)

Of course our first stop was King Arthur's Carousel at Disneyland - Sakura's favorite.

Then we headed over to get a bite to eat before heading back to the carousel again for 2 more rides.

Sakura waiting in line for another turn.

Yep, she LOVES the carousel. We headed over to It's a Small World Sakura's other favorite, but the line was LONG and I knew she wouldn't make it :( No Small World this trip.

We had a little visitor during lunch.

We got a text from Auntie Eryn and headed over to California Adventure to meet up with them. On our walk, there was some LOUD music, and Sakura immediately stuck her fingers in her ears, she's NOT a fan of loud sounds of any kind.

We were supposed to meet in Bugs Land - so while we waited we took a ride on Heimlich's Chew Chew Train

Then we managed to meet up with Auntie Eryn and family.

FINALLY I got to meet adorable Baby Kaila - instant love, she is the sweetest cuddliest baby and Sakura and I fell fast in love with her!

We managed to sneak in one ride before Daddy called and was finished with his movie and ready to go check in to our hotel :(

The Little Mermaid ride, Nikko rode with me and Sakura and told us all about it, what a sweet guy he is!

Nikko and Sakura (dark ride, wrong camera setting - BooHoo!)

Emi, Miya and Auntie Eryn in the other clam

Sakura is not a fan of Ursela even though she hasn't ever seen the movie

SUCH a cute ride - we will definitely be headed back and ride again.

Too much to do, too little time - off to check in at the hotel with Daddy. We will be back hopefully soon and ride more rides.