Friday, June 3, 2011

Auto Repairs - ICK!

Well unfortunately we had some bad luck too - actually good luck really! About a year ago I had taken Bradley (the Sequoia) in for an oil change and they told me that the radiator needed to be replaced .... but I took it to another repair shop and they told me it didn't - so we never replaced it. Well right before this trip I took it back for an oil change, and again Toyota told me it needed to be replaced and said "I would do this right now except we don't have one in stock" ... and "You aren't going on any long trips are you?" - uh well yes we were ... but I still didn't believe them that it needed to be replaced and figured they were just saying it and I looked like a sucker?! We did actually buy a bottle of radiator sealant and put it in just incase - well Dean had Greg take a look at it since he is licensed - and Greg said there was definitely a hole in it and he wouldn't suggest driving it all the way home - OOPS!!!!! So Greg ordered a new radiator and they put it in so we were safe. The good luck part is that by having Greg in the industry, he got the radiator at cost and not the 200% mark up that Toyota charges, and by them putting it in it saved us hundreds of dollars! YAY!

Hood up assessing the damaged radiator

Hmmmm....see that hole and drainage?! oops!

This is what it should look like!

Daddy and Greg putting in the new one

The guys started it one night and finished checking things out just in time to head home!

Whew - worry free trip home in the morning.

Thanks GREG!

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Misty Clark said...

Wow! So glad you found out about the crack before you had to learn of it the hard way. So great you had family that could help you repair it too!