Friday, June 3, 2011

M = Manual

With a lot of help and encouragement from friends, I have branched out of Full Auto mode on my camera ... I figured I'd give it a shot and tried setting the camera to M (as in Manual - LOL!). I actually got a few pictures I really like of Sakura and one of some leaves on Auntie's tree. I need lots of practice as practice makes perfect - but it wasn't as bad as I always imagined :)

I started earlier in the day with the bubble fun with Auntie - then took Sakura back outside for some baseball and exploring Auntie Fumiyo's beautiful backyard.

Play Ball

I must have been the batter - looks like Sakura learned to "wind up" from somewhere?!

We were just playing catch - no batting.

Still throwing that ball at Mommy!

I'm sure she was telling me to get the ball here ... and stop taking pictures!

But that didn't happen :)

We tried several different balls that Freddie had out in the backyard

Always take time to stop and smell the flowers - beautiful hydrangea flowers in this case

Mommy's Pretty Girl


Actually posing when I asked her to

"stand right here Sakura - so Mommy can take your picture"

Posing for Mommy - Thank You Sakura!

Then funny faces began....

Followed by a million hugs - which I will take ANY day!

Sakura says "HUG" and runs at me like this :o)

But my FAVORITE picture of all is the last one - and after my million hugs I asked Sakura to hug herself, she didn't know what I meant, and I showed her, luckily I grabbed the camera off the ground to capture this! I LOVE this one!

The BEST hug ever!

If I never get another good picture of Sakura I'll be happy that I got this one!

Thanks for being such a good sport Sakura chan, I know that Mommy with the camera gets old, but I have to try and capture every moment and every memory, it goes by FAR too quick - and I never want to forget each and every stage. Mommy's love for you is immeasurable sweet girl! I waited a lifetime for you, and there is no greater joy than your sweet smile, your awesome hugs and kisses, and even your spunky attitude!


Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

You are brave. Mine stays on Auto. You got some great shots and yes capture the moments. They go WAY too fast. Love your lil' darling and all her poses and expressions. Her hair looks gorgeous. It has natural highlights in the sun.

Misty Clark said...

Beautiful pictures! You're going to be a pro soon!