Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dosokai at Goofy's Kitchen

This year we didn't to attend the formal Dosokai, but luckily we managed to get to Goofy's Kitchen for brunch with the group. It's hectic with so many families, but always nice to get together and something I always wanted for Sakura. Here are some pictures from the day.

Brunch wasn't until 10:45, so Sakura and I went down and had a snack to hold her over - I knew that she wouldn't make it as she wakes up around 06:00 every day, and 11:00 is her naptime, so I was pleasantly surprised that she was halfway decent for brunch - then on our way home, it wasn't but a few seconds in the car and she was out hard!

Not my idea of a nutricious breakfast, but we were on vacation so I let Sakura have Fruit Loops.

I think all of the kids attending had the BEST time on the escalator - I say save your money on park tickets and just head over to the Disneyland Hotel and take a few rides on it. Just Kidding!

Sakura and Daddy riding

Ward and Quinn riding too

We got a tiny bit of time in with Baby Kaila too - which we LOVE!

Group photo at Goofy's Kitchen - HUGE group compared to the last two years. Many of us wondered if we wouldn't have to split into two groups, but the staff said they fit more than 100 in one photo! Amazing!

Cutie pie Quinn with Pluto - he's not a fan so his Mommy asked Pluto to pose behind - GREAT idea Dale!

Dale with handsome Nikko

Our table

How cute is Taisen? Can't believe how much he has grown!

The raffle loot this year was awesome again.

Some of the familes at brunch (I think Bee said there were 17 or 19 families this year?) - it was hard to get good pics, so I didn't take many pictures.

Miya and Emi at brunch - Uncle Jared reported this was Emi's 2nd ice cream cone - LOL! GO Emi - a girl after my own heart!

Yes someone was VERY tired - Sakura's normal naptime is from about 11:15 - 2:15 so she started to melt.

Looks like Quinn was getting tired too :)

We were very lucky to get to spend more time with our friends - next year the Dosokai is supposed to be in Hawaii, don't know if we'll make it, but we hope that things fade and we can attend.


Adoptive Mommy x 3 said...

GREAT pics Jen!! Kaila loved her quality time with you and Big Sis' Sakura. :-) That picture of Mimi and Emi still cracks me up! Hope you don't mind me stealing it for our scrapbook. I know few kids who love ice cream as much as Emi. LOL Miss ya!!!

Kai said...

Great post(s)! What a trooper Sakura is, getting through without naps :D Looks like you had a great time despite the whirlwind trip! Wish we could've spent more time together--come back soon!