Friday, June 3, 2011

Bubble Fun at Auntie's

Well since the Dr. appt was on Friday instead of Thursday as we thought it was supposed to be...we missed out altogether on heading to San Francisco - so while Daddy took Bachan and Jiichan to the retinal specialist for Jiichan, Mommy and Sakura headed outside to explore the backyard (Auntie has the prettiest backyard, I loved it!) and figured we'd play with bubbles. Auntie Nancy gave Sakura a cute Hello Kitty bubble maker and we thought we'd try it out...and Auntie Fumiyo made some bubbles and brought to us as well - before she headed off to Costco.

Auntie Fumiyo and Sakura doing bubbles together

She knows :) This girl LOVES bubbles (and stickers!)

And the Hello Kitty bubbles from Auntie Nancy too!

Pure concentration - check out her tongue LOL!

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Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

Again two peas out of the same edamame. Seth could do bubbles and stickers all day. Love the happy "bubbly" pictures. Glad you got to have some fun in N. CA.