Thursday, June 2, 2011

Funderland with Friends

The best part about our trip was that we had time to catch up with friends who we don't get to see much anymore. Today we met up with The Cech's at Funderland. What a super cute little amusement park, perfect weather for a change (it's been RAINING non-stop this trip which stinks and messed up lots of our plans), but luckily this day we had sunshine! Daddy took Bachan and Jiichan to Jiichan's Dr. appt only to find out that it is actually tomorrow - UGH! So our plans for tomorrow are all messed up and we won't get to San Francisco - Mommy is more bummed than words can say! Oh well, just have to try and get up here again.

Here are the pics from our day at Funderland.

Sakura on the carousel waiting for everyone to arrive.

Are these fishies not the CUTEST?!

Mimi and Sakura enjoying lunch together

Riding the train
Mimi and Sakura twirling

The girls on the cars - Mimi wanted to ride with me, but I saw that they could ride together alone, so off they went...

Someone is getting VERY sleepy despite the short nap she took when me and Sakura walked to the park (remember Dean was taking his parents to the Dr. but when that was a mistake, he ended up driving over and joining us at Funderland).

Miya's turn on the fishies

Daddy and Uncle Greg had some major auto repairing to do tonight, so Eryn offered to pick me and Sakura up for dinner at Mikuni - who could resist?! I also was very excited to see the other kids - unfortunately I didn't get to meet Baby Kaila this trip, but I will see her soon - I was disappointed, but don't know that I'd venture out with 4 kids on my own either!

Miya and Sakura chatting, while Emi and Nikko play while we wait.

Auntie Eryn snapping some pics of Sakura - I don't know how, but she managed to get some cute pics - Sakura is one uncooperative 2 year old when it comes to taking pictures, contrary to popular belief.

Emi and Sakura chatting

TRYING to get a good picture of the four kiddos - not easy! Sakura has other ideas of what she wants to be doing.

Like giving Nikko "love" (aka: hug)


Adoptive Mommy x 3 said...

What a great day! So glad that the weather cooperated and the kids all had a blast! We had so much fun and Nikko was sure charmed by Sakura. :-) Kaila says she'll see ya in a week!

Misty Clark said...

Looks like a great day! Sakura is such a cutie pie and I'm sure she had fun with her "cousins".