Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yuba City work and Visiting with Auntie's

Today we headed back to Yuba City - Dean had planned to rake some of the dirt around to sort of spread it out, but the weather was HORRIBLE including tornado warnings before we left as well as tons of rain. We still needed to meet up with the realtor for some things, and my Mother Inlaw wanted to have the A/C charged before we left the area. Before we headed to Yuba City, I suggested to my mother inlaw that she try to get together with her friends one day while we were there, I am sure she really misses everyone and since we were there, it was a nice chance to catch up. So they planned their June luncheon while we were there - so we dropped Bachan off at the Japanese restaraunt with her friends after visiting for a few minutes - of course everyone wanted to see Sakura chan - most hadn't seen her since they attended our baby shower! Sakura chan has changed a bit. I thought she'd be reluctant to go to anyone, but her Daddy gave her to Mrs. Wada and she was content.

Mrs. Wada and Mrs. Nishikawa with Sakura

The Lunch Bunch -

Mrs. Osumi, Auntie Iku, Mrs. Wada, Mrs. Nishikawa and Bachan with Sakura

After we dropped Bachan off, we took Jiichan to have mexican food....Sakura enjoyed straight sour cream?! Really - apparently so?!

We asked if someone would take Bachan back to Auntie Iku's and we met up with her there, while we waited we got to visit with Dean's cousins Shirley and Sharon - unfortunately we were "out of time" as Sakura hadn't napped and we still had a couple more stops in Yuba City, so we didn't get to see Sharman :( Next time!

Visiting with everyone

It was very funny, when we were getting ready to leave, I told Sakura to give Auntie's a hug goodbye, she did - she ran over to Auntie Shirley first, then excitedly hopped over to Auntie Sharon .... when she was done she said "One more time" - I said sure ... so off for round two of hugs - when she was finished again she said "One more time" and off she went - again running to Auntie Shirley and hopping from Auntie Shirley over to Auntie Sharon. It was incredibly cute! I think Sakura charmed her Auntie's.

Hugs for Auntie Shiley

And Auntie Sharon

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Misty Clark said...

How cute is that? I'm sure Sakura's Aunties loved all the many hugs from such a sweet little thing. What a fun day for you all!