Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fun at the Water Park!

Today was the first time the class got to head over to the water park for some fun, so I headed over at their designated time to snap a few pictures of Sakura with her classmates splashing around and enjoying the water. I have to admit I have a new found appreciation for the paparazzi! This was no easy task trying to get close enough to snap some pictures (with the telephoto lens) and remain unseen. I had to move the car a few times as I was almost spotted, OR Sakura would stand right behind a big bush! UGH! It was very fun watching what unfolded while I was there watching though.

When they first got there, they were all sitting on a bench, before long the water was turned on and out ran a couple of the kids who couldn't wait. There mine sat on the bench, I thought "Oh this should be fun" - before long I saw Miss Myra head over and try to coax Sakura off the bench, and I watched as I knew exactly what was happening, Sakura refused and remained sitting on the bench - UGH! My kiddo has to do things on her own and in her own time/comfort. It wasn't long and off popped Sakura - she stood far back from the water chaos though again until she was ready then off she went and as you can tell by the numerous photos below - she LOVED the water park.

Yes Sakura that's a BIG bush to hide behind so Mommy can't get a picture .... off I go.

There she goes .... checking out the water with her friends

Then she was running all over and squealing, I could hear her squeals :)

Not too sure about this ....

The funniest thing ever - yes my kid discovers how to get "through" without getting her head wet! She was quite proud and loved this attraction - she went "through" over and over again. I found myself in my car laughing out loud.

And she's through!

Going for another round...

And again, unscathed!

Over and over again she went - it was comical to watch!

Playing with friends

And squealing with excitement

Headed to a different area

Almost detected!

Having a blast

Don't you think I was almost discovered?! She was starring right at me .... time to go :(

SO happy Sakura had a good time her first day at the water park - the really nice thing is they get to go every week for water fun! Hopefully by the end of the summer, she'll be dunking her head in the fountains?! Mommy can hope!

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