Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mema's Birthday and visiting with cousins

We headed to Mema's (Grandma) and Papa's house for the weekend to celebrate Mema's birthday. We were really lucky that David had been there for a couple of weeks and Matt let him stay so that we could see him, even though he was due to go home while we were there. Zakk also had a couple of days off work, so he came to visit - we were doubly blessed to get to see the boys for the weekend, along with Mema and Papa.

Sakura loves her cousins - She loves playing with David and this trip surprisingly enough Sakura took right to Zakk - he's usually the one she is "stand-offish" with. The boys are SO good with her. Zakk adores her, he waited a very long time for a cousin, and she's finally at an age where she plays - although he loved her even when she didn't. Zakk kept tickling Sakura and every time he would stop, Sakura would say "More Tickle". She loved it, and especially loved all of the attention she got from everyone. We are lucky that we have awesome nephews and nieces. We didn't do a whole lot, but spent some time shopping (alone .... ahhhhhh! While Mema got her "alone" time with Sakura which she likes), some Wii, and some swimming too, best of all was just spending time together watching the kids play - I think we all enjoyed that most.

Sakura's favorite Wii game - Wii Fit - the running, she would run all day and night to this game! Here she is with David running.

Swimming with Mema

There goes David ......

Sakura thought the boys and their cannon balls, jumps and swimming underwater were hysterical!

They're "Funny" she kept saying.

Swimming with the boys

Pretty girl

Swimming with Zakk

Taking a turn with Mommy ....

As you can see - she did better with the boys and Mema! Geez - what happened to "Head Lifeguard" and "Swim Instructor"? Guess that was a few years really I had bought a new "helper" (you can't even see it since it's underwater) - which didn't work out so well obviously - it is like a life vest except it has removable inserts that you can take out gradually as they learn to swim - apparently it doesn't work quite as I had anticipated. We took it off immediately. Sakura didn't cry and was only under for a split second, just long enough for Daddy to snap this apparently.

More running before we left with Zakk.

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