Friday, July 8, 2011

Fun at the Splash pad and park

It has been SO hot already - I just hate going out but I made a vow to try and take Sakura to do something fun every Friday, so this morning bright and early we headed to Friendship Park to check out the water splash pad - which was donated by the Japanese baseball team the Yakult Swallows - so it has an even more special meaning to us.

Here it is --- each of the figures does something different - the elephant sprays water out his trunk pretty hard so it makes a nice mist - the whale's back is a water slide, the sea lions spray water, and the dinosaur has a spout on his back that drizzles water.
Not bad, and it does keep one cool!

Sakura liked it and had fun as you can tell, I was pleasantly surprised that her swim suit from last year still fit - it's my favorite by far!!!

She did spot the park across the parking lot though - so we headed over for a bit, then went back to the water before heading home. We were there about an hour, and Sakura even with SPF 70 had nice tan lines when I changed her clothes!

I said "Sakura I can't see you", so she popped in and said "Here I am, I right here".

HI Mommy!

Big girl swing - they had the baby ones, but Sakura went straight to this one

It was a fun morning with my girl, after this we headed to lunch together.

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