Saturday, July 16, 2011

Celebration of life for Wyatt and meeting cousin Laura

A few weeks ago we got a phone call early in the morning and it was Linda (Dean's sister) telling us that there had been an accident and their second cousin Wyatt was gone. We were shocked to say the least. Wyatt was a special young man and at only 24 years old he was gone far too soon .... I am confident that Wyatt was needed by God to take care of things that only he could manage. Wyatt was a thoughtful, caring, sweet guy - he was always there for his family, often caring for his Grandma - not a typical 24 year old guy, so I KNOW that God needed Wyatt.

Wyatt was a quiet, reserved young man and his parents knew that he wouldn't want the fuss of a funeral, so there were no services, but today in Yuba City they had a Celebration of Life for Wyatt. Since we couldn't go and be with our family, I asked my Mother Inlaw to make Wyatt's favorite wonton rolls and we celebrated here in his honor. This morning Dean, Sakura and I headed over to Bachan's to help make wonton rolls for Wyatt, today marked the day that Sakura took her 1st bike ride down to Bachan's house - (I have to figure out how to get the video off my phone and onto my computer to share). He so loved "Auntie Sachie's" wonton rolls and could tell whether she made them or someone else did, hers were always better according to Wyatt.

Busy making rolls.

After we finished, Sakura took an early nap, because we were very excited that my cousin Laura was coming to town to attend a bridal shower for her other cousin, and e-mailed asking if we would like to get together --- What a sweet nice surprise. To me, Family means a whole lot. We hadn't seen Laura since my Grandma passed away 5 years ago, so I was especially excited that she was coming and getting to meet Sakura. Laura was always around as I grew up, I remember the summer after she was born (in April) making the trip to Salinas to spend awhile taking care of her. I will never forget my trip there with my Grandparents who had a 5th wheel trailer, stopping at the RV parks along the way - some great memories. Then as Laura grew up, we were lucky enough to get to spend many summers in San Diego on the beach...far too many memories to name - so I was very excited that she asked if we had time to get together. That was the highlight of my otherwise dreary somber kind of day.

Here is Laura and Sakura --- Sakura being shy (of course!).

After lunch we headed back over to Bachan and Jiichans for our dinner with them Celebrating Wyatt.

Oishi!! Wonton rolls ready to eat!

Sakura's 1st wonton roll - Wyatt would be proud, she loved them!!!

Dancing "shake shake, waddle waddle"

Finishing off our day with ice cream!

We had another bit of sad news today, my Dad called to tell us that my Grandpa isn't doing so well - so we have purchased plane tickets and will fly out to Georgia (he lives in Ellijay) soon to visit - hoping that we make it to see him.

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