Monday, June 28, 2010

Stella and Dot jewelry

A few weeks ago, I was asked by my friend Iris if I would be interested in doing a mini photo shoot with Sakura modeling some of the jewelry she is selling - Stella and Dot - some super cute jewelry I'm attaching a link incase you might be interested!

There were about 4-5 of us Mom and Daughter groups - it was really fun, despite the 105 heat that day, and the challenge of a 16 month old wanting to RUN to the river that she could see!!!

Nonetheless, we couldn't pass up a chance to get some great "Mommy and Me" pictures taken by an amazing local photographer Kim Garcia - we ♥ Kim's work - she can even make me look halfway decent! :)

Anyone local looking for some great pictures, please call Kim - she truly is amazing!

Here we are you can't see much of what I was wearing - but the bracelet was really cute and a ring - the necklace is totally hidden by Sakura. Sakura was wearing a cute pearl bracelet and necklace, and the flower in her hair is also part of their line.

Having fun in the sun!

Running for the river - I this picture of Sakura so carefree....and determined!

Kim definitely had her work cut out for her with Sakura - Sakura was RUNNING to the river, we had to put her far away and Kim had to run alongside her snapping away!

The sidewalk was a deterant - Sakura was 'afraid' to cross the sidewalk for a short amount of time - then she gave in to temptation and crossed over...headed toward the river! Agh!
Notice I switched up Sakura's jewelry - she had the cutest little hot pink silk ribbon with a crown charm - Princess Peyton!
I always call her Sakura, but Daddy calls her Peyton, and a Princess she is!
Daddy thought this necklace was really cute, so we bought it for Sakura.

Now it was Iris' turn for a great workout - trying to get Sakura to look AT Kim for some child was determined to get to that river and all she could think about was the water. Iris did a fabulous job jumping up and down, singing the Inai Inai Baa song she didn't know - all to get my sweet little determined girl to look :) Thanks Iris~

Love this one too - Kim did some photoshopping and I love the way it turned out.

Me and my girl.

My friend Heather and her beautiful daughter Sierra had their shoot just after me and Sakura.
I had already removed all of Sakura's jewelry, but Kim snapped these last few pictures of the girls together.

I love Sakura's expression and Sierra's too - looks like they're chatting.

It was a fun hot day - I'm so happy that we were part of this for Iris!
Thank You so much for asking us to participate, and a special thank you goes to Kim Garcia for the amazing pictures!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hoedown Throwdown

Sakura learned a new dance ;o)

While Samantha and Nicole (my friend Katie's daughters)practiced the Hoedown Throwdown for their school talent show, Sakura studied and figured out some of the steps - here is her rendition of the Hoedown Throwdown (at 16 months old). Katie had sent me a video on my phone but unfortunately the video was automatically deleted :( We borrowed the movie from Heather and Sierra and Sakura showed us her moves! As you can see, we all got a big kick out of watching Sakura - forgive the bad video quality - I had difficulty with the focusing camera in the beginning - Sakura has always loved music, she always dances and moves when she hears any music.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Princess of Drool!

Sakura is truly the Princess of Drool these days...but for great reason, a week or two ago I felt a nice big molar erupting ... I felt again and the one on the other side has come through as well. Poor Sakura - no wonder she hasn't been sleeping very well!

What do you do besides change her clothes all day long -
how about a Hello Kitty bib from Little Tokyo

Sakura will finally keep these on, never dreamed I'd be buying bibs at almost 17 months - LOL!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Well Dean decided for Father's Day that he wanted to drive to LA and go to Little Tokyo.
We got up Saturday morning and made the drive to LA - traffic was typical LA traffic (ICKY), but we made it to Little Tokyo in time for lunch and shopping, then we made the trip home - the next time we go we will definitely be spending a night!
We got home around 10:00, and Sakura was BEAT.
She was PERFECT for the entire day, driving over she only slept for about 1/2 hour, she was watching what else - Inai Inai Baa - if only we knew about that show months ago I don't think Sakura would have ever been a bad car rider! On our way home, she slept a bit more, but not as much as I would have expected...too engrossed in the show again - mind you we only have about 10 episodes and they are only 15 minutes long, but she will watch them over and over and over again!

An apartment complex (or condos?) - Sakura Crossing!

The even had a shop with BearBricks!
We bought a set for Sakura at a different store, Pooh and Piglet.

We didn't buy any pastries, but Dean did buy some sinbei and red beans with rice which Daddy and Daughter will enjoy today for lunch.

Walking around while we waited for lunch.

We walked around Little Tokyo, enjoyed the sights and especially the food! OMG the ramen at DaiKokuya was exactly like we remembered from Roppongi Hills when we were getting Sakura and worth the drive alone! The line was incredibly long, but as anyone knows when people are standing around waiting to get in, that is usually a sign that the place is worth the wait - and it definitely was! Thanks Auntie Misty for the recommendation!!!
Daikokuya = DELICIOUS!

OISHI = YUMMY/DELICIOUS Japanese ramen - there is NOTHING like it!!!

Daddy LOVED the tempura too - the eggplant was phenominal according to Dean!

Sakura says "OISHI"!

Mommy trying to get a pic of Sakura to send to Auntie Misty to show her we made it and we were enjoying our ramen :)

Little Tokyo - can't wait to go back!

Sleeping in her stroller as we browsed the shops
Today for Father's Day we enjoyed breakfast at Daddy's favorite (HAHAHA - definitely NOT!), Cracker Barrel. Since we were in the car just about all day yesterday, 5 hours each way, we have a low key day planned, BBQ tonight for dinner but that's it. Sakura deserves a day to walk and run after being a super angel trooper yesterday!

Going to breakfast with Dad

Daddy and his girl after breakfast - Sakura actually didn't feel too good, she had a bit of tummy distress, but felt better after getting some exercise and moving around!
Rockin' with Dad

Yes Mommy - what do you need, can't you see I'm trying to rock?

Standing on the seat ---- Daddy's let little girls do whatever they want :( Argh!

At home giving Daddy his cards

Ah a PEN - Daddy can I have this nice pen - I'm sure Mommy bought it for me?
I pens just like you!

Watching Daddy play his game...wanting to "help"!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love or Not ?

This week my niece Katie and my nephew David have been visiting. Katie has been watching Sakura during the day while I work, Grandma is here too, but she's been able to run and visit with her friends since Katie is here to watch Sakura.

David adores Sakura, last night he must have said a dozen times that Sakura needs to give him a goodnight hug (I snapped these pictures while they were playing).

Then this morning I get this text from my Mom, it read:

"Sakura just walked up to David, went pat, pat, pat on his tummy, then gave him a hug...he laid down on the floor...she did too...he got up and walked out of the kitchen...she looked up and said git, git, git...way too cute".

Mind you Sakura says "Git" for "get" as in AWAY - as we say that to the dogs when they're bugging her.

I read the text and laughed --- gotta wonder what she is thinking.

Last night when David was snapping away with Sakura's toy camera Sakura said "Cheese" - we have no idea where she learned that she should say "cheese" associated with pictures, she says it for cheese when she wants to eat it but no clue on the picture taking 'cheese' - we all got a good laugh out of that too!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fun at the Aqua Park

Headed out to the local water park - this place was pretty cool I have to say (especially for our small town!!!). Sakura thoroughly enjoyed playing with the kids despite not having an afternoon nap - next time I will plan better and Sakura will have a nap before hand!

Waiting to get in!

Sakura and her cousin David - he thought he would walk with her, but she thought different!

The kids (Nicole, Samantha, David and Sakura) after play time!

A very tired little girl!

And then she was OUT!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Work then pool

We hadn't been out to work for a little while and everyone wanted to see Sakura, so we headed out for a bit. Sakura is still in the "stranger danger" mode, and didn't warm up for about 1/2 hour, but then she walked around and 'socialized' with everyone, waving, EATING, etc.
After we returned home, Sakura went down for her nap, then I thought she'd enjoy a little fun in the sun - pool time. Sakura would live in the pool if we would let her.
Here are a few pictures from Sakura's pool time.

Drinking the water
Saying "ahhhh"
Later in the evening, Sakura wanted my phone, I handed it to her - and then Daddy noticed that Sakura had picked up her own phone and made a few phone calls to all of her friends!