Monday, June 28, 2010

Stella and Dot jewelry

A few weeks ago, I was asked by my friend Iris if I would be interested in doing a mini photo shoot with Sakura modeling some of the jewelry she is selling - Stella and Dot - some super cute jewelry I'm attaching a link incase you might be interested!

There were about 4-5 of us Mom and Daughter groups - it was really fun, despite the 105 heat that day, and the challenge of a 16 month old wanting to RUN to the river that she could see!!!

Nonetheless, we couldn't pass up a chance to get some great "Mommy and Me" pictures taken by an amazing local photographer Kim Garcia - we ♥ Kim's work - she can even make me look halfway decent! :)

Anyone local looking for some great pictures, please call Kim - she truly is amazing!

Here we are you can't see much of what I was wearing - but the bracelet was really cute and a ring - the necklace is totally hidden by Sakura. Sakura was wearing a cute pearl bracelet and necklace, and the flower in her hair is also part of their line.

Having fun in the sun!

Running for the river - I this picture of Sakura so carefree....and determined!

Kim definitely had her work cut out for her with Sakura - Sakura was RUNNING to the river, we had to put her far away and Kim had to run alongside her snapping away!

The sidewalk was a deterant - Sakura was 'afraid' to cross the sidewalk for a short amount of time - then she gave in to temptation and crossed over...headed toward the river! Agh!
Notice I switched up Sakura's jewelry - she had the cutest little hot pink silk ribbon with a crown charm - Princess Peyton!
I always call her Sakura, but Daddy calls her Peyton, and a Princess she is!
Daddy thought this necklace was really cute, so we bought it for Sakura.

Now it was Iris' turn for a great workout - trying to get Sakura to look AT Kim for some child was determined to get to that river and all she could think about was the water. Iris did a fabulous job jumping up and down, singing the Inai Inai Baa song she didn't know - all to get my sweet little determined girl to look :) Thanks Iris~

Love this one too - Kim did some photoshopping and I love the way it turned out.

Me and my girl.

My friend Heather and her beautiful daughter Sierra had their shoot just after me and Sakura.
I had already removed all of Sakura's jewelry, but Kim snapped these last few pictures of the girls together.

I love Sakura's expression and Sierra's too - looks like they're chatting.

It was a fun hot day - I'm so happy that we were part of this for Iris!
Thank You so much for asking us to participate, and a special thank you goes to Kim Garcia for the amazing pictures!


Kim said...

I am so happy you like the photos! Your daughter is so cute even when she is running from the camera lol You both are so pretty and you looked great in the Stella and Dot!

Kai said...

Wow what gorgeous photos! You look like models in a magazine ad :D (And it was 105--yikes!)

David, Samantha and Kaori said...

The photos are great! Looks like a lot of fun. Her smile is so pretty!

jill and ryan said...

Amazing indeed! Those photos are gorgeous, definitely something to frame and display! Your friend's daughter, Sierra, is so pretty too :)

Dean, Jennifer and Sakura said...

Amazing indeed! Those photos are gorgeous, definitely something to frame and display! Your friend's daughter, Sierra, is so pretty too :)
- From Jill and Ryan

P and D said...

Beautiful photos! I love the one she photoshopped, too.