Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love or Not ?

This week my niece Katie and my nephew David have been visiting. Katie has been watching Sakura during the day while I work, Grandma is here too, but she's been able to run and visit with her friends since Katie is here to watch Sakura.

David adores Sakura, last night he must have said a dozen times that Sakura needs to give him a goodnight hug (I snapped these pictures while they were playing).

Then this morning I get this text from my Mom, it read:

"Sakura just walked up to David, went pat, pat, pat on his tummy, then gave him a hug...he laid down on the floor...she did too...he got up and walked out of the kitchen...she looked up and said git, git, git...way too cute".

Mind you Sakura says "Git" for "get" as in AWAY - as we say that to the dogs when they're bugging her.

I read the text and laughed --- gotta wonder what she is thinking.

Last night when David was snapping away with Sakura's toy camera Sakura said "Cheese" - we have no idea where she learned that she should say "cheese" associated with pictures, she says it for cheese when she wants to eat it but no clue on the picture taking 'cheese' - we all got a good laugh out of that too!

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Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

Those pictures are so cute. I don't think children Sakura's age like other people touching and hugging them. So even though she might "love" David, it is a personal space thing. Both of my children didn't/don't like people in their space at that age and beyond. Savannah is getting a little better, but Seth, no way (unless it is on his terms). So, you have to respect a baby when they say "git." That is so funny because we say "stop" and "get down" to the cats and we thought our children are going to say, "I have two cats one is named Stop and the other was in named Get Down."