Thursday, June 10, 2010

Work then pool

We hadn't been out to work for a little while and everyone wanted to see Sakura, so we headed out for a bit. Sakura is still in the "stranger danger" mode, and didn't warm up for about 1/2 hour, but then she walked around and 'socialized' with everyone, waving, EATING, etc.
After we returned home, Sakura went down for her nap, then I thought she'd enjoy a little fun in the sun - pool time. Sakura would live in the pool if we would let her.
Here are a few pictures from Sakura's pool time.

Drinking the water
Saying "ahhhh"
Later in the evening, Sakura wanted my phone, I handed it to her - and then Daddy noticed that Sakura had picked up her own phone and made a few phone calls to all of her friends!



Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

LOVE those piggies! Reminds me of Savannah at that age. So in the stranger danger mode here too. Seth cries even with DADDY (if he tries to take him from Mommy). Dr. said that is totally normal. Seth would live in the pool or bathtub too. I wish is was safe and I could get something done because he is SO happy there. Love the bathing beauty. Wish our cuties could swim together.

Misty Clark said...

So cute! You can tell she absolutely loves her pool. She is such a cutie!