Friday, June 25, 2010

Hoedown Throwdown

Sakura learned a new dance ;o)

While Samantha and Nicole (my friend Katie's daughters)practiced the Hoedown Throwdown for their school talent show, Sakura studied and figured out some of the steps - here is her rendition of the Hoedown Throwdown (at 16 months old). Katie had sent me a video on my phone but unfortunately the video was automatically deleted :( We borrowed the movie from Heather and Sierra and Sakura showed us her moves! As you can see, we all got a big kick out of watching Sakura - forgive the bad video quality - I had difficulty with the focusing camera in the beginning - Sakura has always loved music, she always dances and moves when she hears any music.


Mel said...

She's a cutie pie! She's sure getting around great too.

Misty Clark said...

What a cutie! Love it!

cpayne1997 said...

She is so cute! It will not be long before she will be doing the whole dance across you living room...over and over....believe me.....I know (thanks to Breanna).