Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday = Funday

"Wish it were Sunday...cause that's my Funday"....

Sunday was a Funday at our house. We started the day by filling a kiddie pool we bought for Sakura being that she s the water so much - yes it is more full than it should be, but since Mommy was a lifeguard/swimming instructor we figured it was still quite safe! Sakura's little whale pool has a spout that sprays water, and she thinks that is pretty cool. I should mention that it was about 109 degrees on Sunday, so I'm sure that 'cool' was thoroughly enjoyed!

Sunday evening Sakura and I had some pictures taken at the park with some friends. I will post those pictures as soon as I can (below Sakura and I were getting ready for our session), afterwards we enjoyed a trip to DQ for an ice cream - like I mentioned it was a HOT day, Sakura did great for photos despite the 105+ temperatures!

Here is our girl with her very 1st ice cream cone - she normally has bites of ours, but I thought a kiddie cone was in order so that's what she got!

First "bite" :)

Enjoying her cone.

Sakura has this ladybug finger puppet - she usually just hands me the puppet, I put it on my finger and "fly" it around making noise at her, but I was in the kitchen doing dishes and Sakura came up to me with the puppet ON her finger showing me that she knows what to do.


Misty Clark said...

Super cute pictures as always! I'm sure Sakura loves her whale pool. Cute pix of the ice cream too. I bet she enjoyed every lick!

Carrie, Rich and the Kids said...

Those kiddie cone photos are adorable. It looks like she did very well. Savannah had her first "own" ice cream cone (many cups before then) in Narita airport. Isn't that funny? She was starving and hot and that was the best treat. We will always remember where it was.