Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Well Dean decided for Father's Day that he wanted to drive to LA and go to Little Tokyo.
We got up Saturday morning and made the drive to LA - traffic was typical LA traffic (ICKY), but we made it to Little Tokyo in time for lunch and shopping, then we made the trip home - the next time we go we will definitely be spending a night!
We got home around 10:00, and Sakura was BEAT.
She was PERFECT for the entire day, driving over she only slept for about 1/2 hour, she was watching what else - Inai Inai Baa - if only we knew about that show months ago I don't think Sakura would have ever been a bad car rider! On our way home, she slept a bit more, but not as much as I would have expected...too engrossed in the show again - mind you we only have about 10 episodes and they are only 15 minutes long, but she will watch them over and over and over again!

An apartment complex (or condos?) - Sakura Crossing!

The even had a shop with BearBricks!
We bought a set for Sakura at a different store, Pooh and Piglet.

We didn't buy any pastries, but Dean did buy some sinbei and red beans with rice which Daddy and Daughter will enjoy today for lunch.

Walking around while we waited for lunch.

We walked around Little Tokyo, enjoyed the sights and especially the food! OMG the ramen at DaiKokuya was exactly like we remembered from Roppongi Hills when we were getting Sakura and worth the drive alone! The line was incredibly long, but as anyone knows when people are standing around waiting to get in, that is usually a sign that the place is worth the wait - and it definitely was! Thanks Auntie Misty for the recommendation!!!
Daikokuya = DELICIOUS!

OISHI = YUMMY/DELICIOUS Japanese ramen - there is NOTHING like it!!!

Daddy LOVED the tempura too - the eggplant was phenominal according to Dean!

Sakura says "OISHI"!

Mommy trying to get a pic of Sakura to send to Auntie Misty to show her we made it and we were enjoying our ramen :)

Little Tokyo - can't wait to go back!

Sleeping in her stroller as we browsed the shops
Today for Father's Day we enjoyed breakfast at Daddy's favorite (HAHAHA - definitely NOT!), Cracker Barrel. Since we were in the car just about all day yesterday, 5 hours each way, we have a low key day planned, BBQ tonight for dinner but that's it. Sakura deserves a day to walk and run after being a super angel trooper yesterday!

Going to breakfast with Dad

Daddy and his girl after breakfast - Sakura actually didn't feel too good, she had a bit of tummy distress, but felt better after getting some exercise and moving around!
Rockin' with Dad

Yes Mommy - what do you need, can't you see I'm trying to rock?

Standing on the seat ---- Daddy's let little girls do whatever they want :( Argh!

At home giving Daddy his cards

Ah a PEN - Daddy can I have this nice pen - I'm sure Mommy bought it for me?
I pens just like you!

Watching Daddy play his game...wanting to "help"!


Kai said...

Wow! That's amazing that you did that in one day! But sure looks like you had fun. We LOVE the ramen there too (there's a branch in the Mitsuwa market food court in Costa Mesa in case you're out that way and need a ramen fix--actually, we had Father's Day dinner there!) Sakura is so super cute and really starting to look like a little girl with her adorable pigtails. (Looking at your last posts, funny about her knowing to say "Cheese" for pictures because Kai did that too and we don't know how he picked it up either).

Misty Clark said...

What a great Father's Day (a day early). So glad you went to Little Tokyo and had a great day! I am still amazed you did it all in a day but as you said, it's worth it just for the food alone :) As always, great pix of your beautiful girley too!

beem221 said...

i'm loving sakura's 'lil pigtails!!! so cute! still can't believe you guys made that drive to LA!!!

jill and ryan said...

Looks like it was a wonderful Father's Day for Dean! too bad we weren't able to hook up :( Next time!