Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dinner dosokai with roomies from Japan

It has always been a priority of mine to keep in touch with the kids that shared Sakura's first few weeks together as I have said before. This weekend Quinn (Sena) and his family were visiting from Hawaii so it was the perfect opportunity for all of us to get together, we are very lucky that they visit a few times each year and we manage to see them almost every visit - and Kazuya lives in the area. We love these families and consider them our family. Here are some pictures from dinner at Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria. Unfortunately Quinn wasn't in the dinner mood, poor little guy was SO tired and fell asleep so I didn't get but a couple pictures of him at dinner (but we did get together the next morning too, so there is more pics of him in the next post!).

Quinn and his beautiful Mommy Dale

Daddy's and kids playing while we waited for dinner

Sakura LOVES Samie (Kazuya's big sister) - they had a little jump off

The next series of pictures cracks me up. I'm not really sure what they were doing except if you looked at this in a flip album I think you'd die laughing (at least I would). I was just snapping pictures trying to catch a good one of them both looking, but when I rotated and resized I found myself laughing. So I captioned them as if in a flip album.

What ya got there Sakura? says Kazuya

(really it's just the rosettes on her shirt, but Kazuya looks interested).

"Can I see?" ays Kazuya

Sakura says "MINE".

LOL - "Everyone doesn't want to see Sakura".... says Mommy.

See my ladybug balloon - Quinn fast asleep.

Samie and her shark balloon

Sakura and Kazuya (with his turtle balloon)

Goodbye hugs

Nite Nite sweet Quinn

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Misty Clark said...

Great pictures! Looks like a fun time with friends. Sakura is such a little clown!