Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Teething???? Who knows?!

This morning when I got Sakura up, she had the worst case of bed head, almost like cotton (definitely just like Daddy in that respect!) - too funny, so when I wet her hair down, I figured I'd give her a "new do" for a couple of minutes, hilariously her hair dried in those few minutes and was still standing up. I managed to comb it down/over and put her clip in though....all is well :)

All is well, back to normal hairclip attached, now lets see if we can break our gums with this hard toy?

HOLDING onto Yancha Bozu

Sleeping soundly on Mommy's shoulder, maybe tonight I'll try just holding her all night, she might sleep? Should have bought a rocking chair!
The last couple of nights sweet little Sakura chan has been waking up SCREAMING around 12:30 - last night Dean thought he heard "Ma-Ma" and said that she sounded like she was in pain, so I gave her some teething tablets and a little bit later she was back asleep, unfortunately it only lasted for 1 hour and then back awake crying....I decided to take her to the loveseat and try to let Daddy sleep. Sakura was sort of asleep, just thrashing around and waving her arm trying to fly (all in her sleep) needless to say, I didn't get any sleep. When Dean left for work, I put her back in her crib and she slept a couple more hours, then when I went to get her up, she was chewing (hard) on her binkie, holding it to the right side, where she always chews on things....Teething? Who knows?!


Carrie said...

We are asking the same question here--not sleeping as well, chewing on everything and drooling like a machine. We also think the only being able to roll one way is a source of our sleeping problems here.

She is so precious. Seth's hair sticks up too and we can't put it in a cute little hair clip like Savannah and Peyton Sakura!

We are both going on NO sleep. We should chat online and let our babies chat too. Do you have Skype? I bet they would love to see each other.

canewton42 said...

Teething tablets are the best! And who can blame them? None of us remember teething, thank goodness, but I can only imagine how painful that is, new teeth poking through those gums. Ouch! Savor those toothless smiles; sounds like they're going to be a thing of the past soon.

renepainter said...

Sounds like a teething thing going on to me...wish they had teething tablets when my boys went through that (the oldest is 30...). We used chicken bones...something about the enzymes or some such nonsense... :)