Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Peyton Sakura turns 6 months old!

Peyton Sakura 6 months old!
It's hard to believe that our little angel is 6 months old already. At only 6 months old, Sakura has brought us so much joy and happiness, we can hardly remember our lives without her, as we look back to our trip to Japan to get our baby girl, my eyes fill with tears, it's true "Dreams Really Do Come True" - just Believe~
At 6 months Peyton Sakura is
  • Eating solid foods - green beans, squash, carrots, sweet potato, pears, peaches, and apples along with her cereal
  • Sitting up with very little assistance, at times for short periods on her own
  • Patting your arm when you hold her
  • Laughing out loud (mostly at the dogs)
  • "Talking" a lot more
  • Smiles a lot, but is very selective and reserved about who and when (still!)
  • Holds her own bottle
  • "Moves" around/pivots from one direction (360 degrees) while on her tummy
  • Has started to reach out for Mommy/Daddy when someone else is holding her
  • Puts EVERYTHING in her mouth

(Note: Last week when we sent in our update to Taz and Lesley, Taz commented that "Okada San asked if Sakura smiles a lot, because Sakura was very hard to make smile." I told Auntie Taz that some things never change!


Mel said...

Sakura chan, Tanjobi Omedito! GAMBATTE NE!

David, Samantha and Kaori said...

What a blessing she is to you and Dean!

demetrisfamily said...

Six months old already! Where did the time go? What an absoutely gorgeous shot of your precious cherry blossom! It sounds like she's doing just wonderfully and will be on the move soon. YAY!

cpayne1997 said...

What a beautiful picture!! She is growing so fast!

Misty Clark said...

Such a big girl and what a beautiful photo! Looks like she's growing up so quickly. Such a cutie!

Handshoe Family said...

That picture is beautiful... proffessional? So lovely!
They grow so fast! I know from personal experience now!!!

Carrie said...

She is truly an angel. I love that photo. The background reminds me of the aquarium at the end of the Tokyo Tower where they had a pond with lily pads and you could just sit and enjoy it.

She does so much and is an amazing girl.

It isn't a bad thing that she is selective with ehr smiles. It is kind of "her" thing.