Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A little road trip

Some pictures from the weekend. Still on the laptop so I'll be short and sweet.
We were at my Mom's for a few days and here are the pictures from our time there, the order is all mixed up, but since I'm using the laptop, I don't have the energy to move them into chronological order....bear with the 'back and forth'.
It's always nice to catch up with the Galakatos family when we head to Phoenix. They were the first family we met once we signed up with ATWA, when Sinclair was only 7 months old - which Sakura is now :) It's amazing how much Sinclair has grown and changed since we first met - she is now 18 months old, and Amy says that she says about 50 words, it is truly amazing to listen to her talk. She can repeat anything - and boy can she eat! Sinclair is a beautiful little girl, we just love her! Thanks so much Galakatos family for always catching up with us, and thank you for the Big Bird visits Japan DVD, we can't wait to watch it!
Sakura LOVES Grandma's pool - she kicks her feet when we tell her "kick, kick, kick", and moves across the pool, Dean commented that she could probably go the entire length! The water was COLD - I was shocked that she liked it in there, but she didn't let cold water slow her down - I don't take her in the heat of the day, it probably would have felt better much earlier in the day! While we were at Grandma and Papa's - Sakura tried her first baked (smashed) potato, there is a picture with her expression - she did not like it one bit! I'm hoping that she changes that though, as I would eat a potato for every single meal if I could!
Daddy's and their girls!

Amy, Cory, Sinclair and us after dinner at Oregano's - Yumm!

Sweet Sinclair showing her pretty bracelet to Sakura

Sakura ended up catching Daddy's cold...and just rubbed her nose all over Dad's nice black shirt

Poor sick baby - her eyes look so droopy

Grandma and Sakura at lunch at Kabuki's

Mica (Papa's dog) and Sakura trying to get Mica's foot

Sakura ready to go to dinner with the Galakatos family, Grandma bought these cute hair bows!

Trying out regular potato....as you can see by the look on her face, not a fan!

Swimming with Grandma

LOVING the pool, she kicks her feet so hard she bounces over to you, it's SO cute!

Swinging in Zakk's swing while Daddy inflates the ladybug float

Playing with her new laptop toy

Talking to Grandma about the laptop toy - I want to close it Grandma!

Binkie baby

Hanging out with Grandma after a bottle and dinner with the Galakatos family

My binkie


Misty Clark said...

Looks like a great weekend and I love all the pictures. Especially the one of her in the pool. Kumi has the same floaty :) Sorry to hear sakura's sick and we hope she recovers quickly! Can't wait to see you guys next week!!!

David, Samantha and Kaori said...

How fun to catch up with Sinclair and family. Kaori and Sinclair were actually buddies before they came home! I would love to meet them in person! She was present when Kaori was placed in our arms.

Sakura is so smiley these days! What a cutie!

Carrie said...

How fun! Poor sick princess! Hope she and Daddy are feeling better. Sinclair is another beauty! I love getting together with and meeting other families too.

I love the blue outfit and bow. You and your mom look so much alike. It must have been wonderful to spend time together.