Saturday, September 19, 2009

ATWA Picnic Day

Ready for the picnic in Pleasant Hill
One of our reasons for heading to California was to attend the annual Across the World Adoption agency's annual picnic which was held on Saturday. We really enjoyed the company of everyone, loved getting to spend more time with Misty and Kumiko, Eryn, Gregor, Miya and Emi, and getting to meet the Handshoe family with their precious baby girl Ivy.
Sakura was also able to meet Lesley the director of ATWA for the first time.

Hi Sakura....Hi Kumi and Auntie Misty

Misty and Kumiko, Me and Sakura, Margaret and Ivy

Meeting the ATWA director Lesley for the first time

Auntie Misty and Sakura

Me and sweet Kumiko

Auntie Eryn and Sakura

Sweet Miya showing Sakura her kitty cat balloon

The Handshoe family

Miya and her kitty balloon

I had so much fun at the picnic....I'm exhausted (sound asleep on Daddy)!

Auntie Misty's sister Tina with Sakura

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