Friday, September 25, 2009

Lunch with Auntie Nancy and kids

I forgot about the "little camera" and there were some important pictures on it....
Peyton Sakura had her first taste of "not pureed" food.
Tofu and Udon noodles ~
We met Auntie Nancy, Tripp and Kira at Taro's for lunch on Friday and Auntie Nancy suggested that I give some Tofu and Udon noodles to Sakura and I did...
and she is happy that I did, as she LOVED both Udon and Tofu!
Trippy looking at his stickers

The girls at lunch - Sakura and Kira
Here are her first bites of each:
First bite of Udon noodle

First bite of Tofu

Auntie Nancy and Kira at lunch

Thank You for lunch Auntie Nancy!

Thanks for driving all the way down so we could see you again too!

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Misty Clark said...

Looks like a great time at lunch! Yay for Sakura eating Tofu and Udon. Kumi loves them too so I figured Sakura-chan would. They are so much alike :) Looks like you all had a nice time.