Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spending time with family

Miscellaneous pictures from our week with family.

Sitting outside in the grass...Sakura wasn't real fond of the feel of grass until she found a leaf that she could eat!

Touching the grass and quickly pulling her hand back

Sakura caught another cold while we were there...runny yucky nose that wouldn't stop!
Unfortunately Jichan got VERY sick on Thursday and Friday!

If this picture will enlarge, you can see her tooth!

Not feeling good baby girl!

I'm sick Jichan...

Happy girl with Uncle Mark

Auntie Linda

Happy Cousins - Jessamine, Stephanie and Peyton Sakura

Jichan and with all of his Granddaughters!

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Misty Clark said...

great pictures of Sakura! I'm sorry she got sick. I think all the kids caught something :( My favourite photo of Sakura-chan is with her Uncle Mark. Look at how happy she is? I love it!