Monday, July 2, 2012

Cornerstone Preschool

Today was Sakura's 1st day at her new Preschool - Cornerstone Preschool.  We started her here now even though they work off a traditional school year schedule, to ensure she would get in, they fill up very quickly and many teachers send their children here .... so with us starting during the summer, there were a few openings since the teacher's children are out for the summer.  We checked a couple highly rated preschools in our area and decided on this one because I felt the staff would meet our needs a little more than the other one we interviewed.  They seemed very warm and welcoming, hugging Sakura when we went for our initial interview, etc.

Here she is waiting for them to open.

Nervous and yet excited as you'll see below.
SO proud of you Sakura!
There's the smile I was hoping for!
Dancing as we wait ..... here's the excited girl I was hoping for!
Such a cute place where Sakura will learn SO much!

I couldn't wait to pick Sakura up and hear all about her day .... when I got there, she had made an awesome Uncle Sam hat in celebration of the 4th of July.  Here they start their day with the
Pledge of Allegiance with the flag raising, just like we did when I went to preschool.

Sakura had a glowing report, they said that she had a "GREAT" day.  When we got home, I asked her how her day was, she replied "Good", she then said "How was your day Mommy", I replied "It was Great", Sakura replied "Only big peoples have GREAT days, little peoples have GOOD days". We all had a good laugh about that (we were with Bachan and Jiichan having dinner".

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